Barn Owl - Sheer Water - Warmister

Barn Owl - Sheer Water - Warmister

Wildlife Photography

I've always loved photography, it's in my blood as it were, right back from my youngest memories, I loved being able to see something in front of my eyes, a scene a beautiful landscape and how amazing to be able to save that view forever on film. I know it seems crazy but even the simplest of things, apples in a bowl anything, I loved seeing those images developed in a photograph.

 Deer in Beckington near Bath

Deer in Beckington near Bath

Well, portraiture and wedding photography has been my main journey as far as my profession for about 25 years, I always have my camera with me, still loving Landscape photography and travel photography, I have even had the privilege of being placed in print on many occasions, one recent article was in Fuji Passion, you can view that particular article (HERE) travel photography in Italy, it's one of my favourite places to travel.

 Heron - Ham Hill Somerset

Heron - Ham Hill Somerset

Wildlife photography hasn't ever really captured my attention, to be quite honest, if you have the privilege to go on a safari, you're bound to be able to get some incredible images of Lions, Giraffe, Hippos and Elephants, or should one have the opportunity to travel to the icy oceans of Antarctica, then with the right camera, the right location, surely one is bound to get a few shots of sea lions or whales? Come on you can't really miss a shot of a lion, they are rather large!

Wedding photographers tend to get a lot of stick with regards to our profession from other Photographers that feel, fashion or media photography is somehow more Pro! Well, over the years I've worked with Disney, Sony, Sky Sports, etc etc and I have to say ‘Wedding Photography is one of the most challenging with regards to the Photography profession’ (If you do it right) it's a one off magical moment, documenting a wedding through photography is all about telling the story of the wedding.

Short Eared Owl

I’m one of those Photographers that feel photography takes the photographer through a constant learning curve, I would never feel I know it all, there is always new things to learn and experience.

I’m a great Fuji fan, I love the cameras, the prime lenses are second to none and the 56mm lens and the 16mm lens tend to be my go to lenses, the 16mm is fantastic to use for landscape and the 56mm is wonderful for portraits, never been a fan of Zoom lenses however I was recently booked to photograph a wedding in one of the biggest churches I have seen in my 25 years of wedding photography, not a problem but the Reverend has been very stubborn and has told the Bride and Groom that “no one stands behind him and God!” so i had to get hold of a great Zoom and the Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 WR OIS XF Lens is the lens I chose and it's superb.

Sheer Water Lake

Anyway, I obviously wanted to give this lens a test and so went for a stroll around the country lanes here in Somerset. 

Canada Goose

A new Journey:

From that first walk with my new (Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 WR OIS XF) lens, I was completely hooked, I saw a herd of Deer in a field and took a few shots in burst mode, amazing, I loved it, just quietly watching these wonderful wild animals, from that moment on, I never walked with my eyes to the ground again, the next shot was a short eared owl, wow, fantastic, capturing this magical bird in flight was incredible. 

So it just shows that even after 25 years as a professional Photographer, there is even more to experience, I have now joined the RSPB and am absolutely loving the incredible nature reserves here in Somerset, desperately trying to get that shot of maybe a kingfisher taking a fish or maybe a Marsh Harrier looking for lunch.

So this page is going to be my Wildlife Page, I doubt I’ll get any images of Lions or Beers in Somerset but i'll hopefully capture some of the wonderful British wildlife.

I hope you enjoy this journey and with all of my blogs, (My Diary) show the progress and challenges that this journey will take me. I shall be adding my Wildlife Photograph's here in future, so do check back