Xpro2 wedding image

Wedding Photography with the Xpro2

Firstly I'm a full time wedding photographer, I'm not a professional Blogger, I write these Blogs to collect my thoughts and for my personal website, the information I write is very much in a personal theme, so please don't expect mind blowing technical information, I write as I think so I apologies for poor grammar in advance if you find any mistakes!

I have written a couple of smaller blogs with regards to my experience using the Xpro2 however this particular Blog is going to be more of a diary throughout the wedding I photographed this weekend. You can read HERE

Ive never really been concerned with not having dual SD slots on the Fuji cameras but I must admit having a 128 gigabyte card as backup did add a little bit of extra confidence, I change my cards after every section of the wedding so to be honest my SD cards are never full, I have been know to change a card when there have been as little as 60 images on the card because I was moving onto the next section of the wedding shoot.

I found the Xpro2 focusing to be pretty darn fast, even on high backlit situations, ok it may have been a tad slower but not an issue. I like to use spot metering for these situations however I did find the spot metering to be less agreeable than the XT1 I previously owned, I found myself setting the camera to fully manual (this for me was perfect) adjusting either speed or aperture to set the exposure under difficult lighting situations, or change the ISO, a few times I found that the ISO and shutter dial didn't lock, therefore when changing the shutter, I did have the ISO turn simultaneously which was frustrating at times but it may be just more time required to get used to this particular dial!

The bridal preparations were held in quite a low light situation however on the whole the camera performed really well, I missed a couple of shots however that was before I gave up on the spot metering. Just while I think of it, I must admit I don't find the EVF as good on this camera, I personally feel the XT1 and EX2 do a better job of really showing the scene (WYSIWYG) i'm going to re-check the setting but i'm pretty confident I have it set correctly!

backlighting xpro2

At The Church.

We arrived at the church and the sun was shining, I set the Xpro2 to evaluative metering, ISO on Auto and allowed the camera to choose everything else, apart from aperture, It handled the lighting excellently, I've never been a fan of AF tracking, I know many have said how the AF tracking on the other Fuji X cameras was pretty good but I was never that convinced, well setting the Xpro2 to zone and continuous focus, was superb, I was very impressed yet again, I will show some of the images I took later I the evening at the reception dance, just before the light completely went form the room and were left with just the Disco lights.

I kept the zone AF on to photography the guests arriving and looking at the Jpegs, it nailed pretty much every single photo. (Just to let you know the images attached are Jpegs)

The ceremony

For the ceremony I set the camera to manual again, its something I would usually do anyway but it was also down to the spot metering, it just didn't do it for me, it seemed to be all over the place, id love to here if any of you have found a similar issue!

The light wasn't too challenging in the church and it was wonderful seeing the moments in front of me and capturing them, on other X cameras I have taking a shot and looked at the image to see that the refresh rate wasn't quick enough but no problems here, it was so refreshing, fantastic.

The reception.

For the reception, the speeches were held overlooking the grounds of the venue with huge glass windows, the venue did close the blinds however it was still very backlit so again I set the camera to fully manual, spot metering just didn't cut the mustard!

reception xpro2

Evening Reception.

I took several shots during the evening, here I set the camera to Auto ISO, Shutter to sync speed and metering set to evaluative, the camera still focused very fast, I do tend to naturally look for the best light however, very good on capturing those reportage moments.

For the majority of the evening I shot with f1.2 and occasionally at f2.8 for a few small groups, the ISO didn't rise above ISO 6400 so handled the low light very well, I would say that its about 1 stop more efficient than the XT1 but another test will substantiate that for me.

I do tend to push the absolute limits out of my cameras, I really like to see what their capable of, the light was getting a little more challenging once the children began dancing, the next image was taken using the AF Zone system, I deliberately followed this little child with the lens, for several seconds just to see how the focus would track her movements and it was pretty darn impressive, I was viewing the tracking via the back screen to let me have a clear view and it was very fast, the lights from the disco and the speed of this little girl wasn't an issue for the tracking on the Xpro2.

Zone AF on Xpro2


I still need to begin the editing process of the wedding photos however looking at the Jpegs, they're super sharp, fabulous contrast and colour, shed loads of more detail.

The focus is fantastic, honestly its so satisfying for me as a wedding photographer, to here that great shutter sound and view the image instantly in the viewfinder and to see I nailed the shot.

I do have the Xpro2 set to high-power, all the top settings are set, but the batteries did seem to lose power very quickly, unfortunately I had the image count set to continuous so I cant say the precise amount of images I took before the battery had to be changed but I have a feeling it was approximately 200, if thats correct I need to get my self a couple more batteries, not sure but maybe a firmware update may help.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence”