Reportage Photography

Memories through photography

I can remember one particular family holiday we went on, it was to the lovely island of Crete, we had visited this wonderful island several times whilst our children were growing as its the perfect place for a family holiday.

Well, because we had traveled there many times in the past and because it had been a particularly busy year with wedding's, we decided I shouldn't take my camera (the family had decided for me!) Yes, I know I'm a photography nut! And always have my camera with me, and yes I probably do take rather a lot of photo's of my kid's but I love it and kind of feel naked without the camera by my side.

The main reason for having my trusty camera by my side is because you can't ever get back moment's, memories are so important, we have literally hundred's of photo's and video's of our family life and all the places we've seen and we've documented our children and their year's, from babies to adulthood.

Anyway this particular year, I was told not to take my work on holiday with us (I Personally never look at photography as work but hey!) We'll the first few days were fine, we visited many of the places we had been to in the past, churches, monasteries and many of the famous holiday favorite's however on the 4th day my youngest Daughter took part in a beach competition and one the first prize, its at times like these when you need to capture memories!

It taught me a lesson that I thought I had learned, "never to leave my camera at home", well, its given me back my reasons anyway! However this brings me back to the reason's for writing this blog, so many young couple's are relying on other's to capture their wedding day, 100 guest's all with their (smart phones) they can take the photo's and then upload to some social media website! It's social media madness today, but its YOUR WEDDING, I couldn't count the amount of couples that have contacted me after their wedding, saying " they never in a million years Would remember all that happened on their wedding day if it wasn't for the photograph's and/or video" the thing to remember is your friend's with their smart phones are just capturing the things they see, there are so many small detail's that could be missed if you leave to friends and family members to document, a professional photographer know's and anticipates what's going to happen.

There are thing's that you as the Bride/Groom won't see because of location, timing etc. Brides have said to me "they had no idea such and such had happened"

Its like this image added to my favorite Photo of the month; as many of you already know, my style of photography in this county of somerset, is very much documentary style, I dislike photo's that have been manipulated, I feel that a true photo should capture real events, what was actually happening when the shutter was fired, well this photo was taken at a recently wedding here in somerset where we were producing the photography for the day, the Bride and Groom wanted a small group photo on the steps with the chief Bridesmaid, the Brides brother and the little ones, just as I fired the shutter, the two on the left jumped and I captured this fun shot, the look on the face of the Brother and Bridesmaid is classic whilst the Bride and Groom have no idea, thats moments that tell a story of the wedding.

So just like any other memories you feel the need to capture, its essential that your wedding day is recorded, your wedding day flies by, ensure your document it with a professional because in maybe days, weeks, months, years, you may regret it! for lots of information on your wedding day and many photography tips and information.