Favourite Photo of the Month.

I have mentioned that I will aim to upload a special photo each month, this won't necessarily be from a wedding shoot, I love all types of photography therefore it may be a scene from somewhere here in somerset, it will be something that specifically caught my eye.

For this photo of the month though, we do have a wedding image, this was taken at a gorgeous Church in Nunney Somerset, this little village isn't far from me here in Beckington just outside the glorious city of Bath.

I was very privileged at this wedding because the Vicar was such a wonderful chap and he was fine with me taking photos at the front of the Church, I was tucked away to the right side of the altar, perfect location to take photos of the happy wedding couple but also to be enabling to me capture reportage images of the rest of the congregation.

The reason I love this image is because its captured so much movement and emotion for all involved in the photo. Just look at the cute little chap in the far right of the photo, he's looking at his mummy, who was one of the Bridesmaids, such a cute look but also check out the handsome guy, trying to get a clear view of the lyrics to the hymn.

The lit candles adding a really nice depth of field to the photograph, drawing the viewer into the photo.

This is what I love about reportage photography, looking, anticipating and sometimes lucky shots, snapping just at the right moment and capturing moments such as these.

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