Light is Photography

Photography; its all about the light

Incredible artwork has always had a major impact on how I see the world around me, from an early age I have been moved by beautiful scenery and how so many famous artists captured the light within their paintings such as claude-monet, looking at a stunning scene and then capturing this through Photography around somerset and the bath area has become a passion for me!

Unfortunately in today’s fast paced world the feelings associated with photography have become a throw away hobby, take the photo and then upload to Facebook etc as soon as possible!

There are still some fabulous Art Photographers in the world that understand light and how to capture this within the image, this is very much what inspires me and I am never without my camera whist enjoying the Somerset Countryside always having my camera with me to ensure that if a particular scene grabs my attention I can hold onto this for life.

I absolutely love street photography whist strolling around Bath and looking of those natural moments, this is where my love for portrait photography also comes from, when I photograph a wedding, always looking out of those special moments, looking for eye contact from one person to another, those subtle glints in the eyes.

I want you to be taken into the story with my photography; I want you and all your friends to understand the emotion behind the Wedding Photographs and visualize, feel connected to that millisecond of history, that’s why I know you will love your wedding photographs Bath, Somerset or anywhere in the world, that we capture on you wedding day because that emotion is in the image. 

Look for the natural light in photography