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Capturing a wedding video in the early years of this format involved bright lights, cables and microphones however technology has advanced, creating smaller and light sensitive cameras. You do not need to have large the cumbersome cameras to capture your wedding day.

Real-time television has dispelled the myth that “bigger is better” when it comes to producing images suitable for TV. The smaller and less obtrusive digital cameras allow these to be carried by operators, to places that many years ago would have been near impossible.

In any case, most brides are more concerned with their wedding day being captured through imagery.

Make sure it is the hiring of an experienced professional cameraman and skilled editor that sets your choice and a team that film in an unobtrusive manner for your weddings video.

For a photographer who truly captures those moments for your wedding, then you’ve come to the right place.

On this website you will find great wedding photos and video from The FX Works photographer and video.

With the Wedding Photography husband and wife team, based in Somerset, just outside Bath, Michael and Tracy are sure to provide you with the quality you expect with your wedding photos.

Your Wedding day cannot be duplicated this means you need to book your Photographers carefully with experience in photographing wedding’s.

“Photography with us is always professional and service oriented. This means that we know exactly how to perform, how we position ourselves, and most importantly … When we press the shutter”

Michael and Tracy over the years have become very well-known enjoying recording many celebrities and working with Hello Magazine due to their creativity and vision. It allows you as couples to enjoy your wedding day and then after your wedding day be thrilled with your photographs and/or video because they use their creativity to the fullest for Your Wedding.

Professional photographers:  who will not compromise on the quality of images from your Wedding Photography in Bristol, Bath and Somerset.

The best service around for your wedding photography