A Wedding to Remember in Bath

January 27, 2016

A Wedding to Remember in Bath

A Wedding to Remember in Bath

Photographing wedding’s is a fabulous profession, I cant count how many I’ve photographed over the years however it has to be well over a thousand, that’s a lot of wedding’s!

Every now and again a particular wedding will step out, this could anything from a particular venue I haven’t visited before or maybe something out of the ordinary happens, for instance the time the Groom brought along the Brides Horse for the photo’s, or one wedding where the Groom was visited by all his crew from the fire station and they all sang for the Bride, things like these do tend to stand out in ones mind.

The wedding I photographed this week was one such wedding for Nina and Isaiah, for a start they looked absolutely incredible Nina looked absolutely amazing in her Louis Vuitton Wedding Gown and I mean Wow and Isaiah was warring the most incredible suit by Alexander Amosu, simply stunning.

When Nina arrived at the church and stepped out of the limo, I was stunned and that says a lot for me, she was so full of fun and was loving the attention from all the on lookers in Bath.

She entered the church to the Bath Coral Singers, the emotions were running high, when Isaiah looked around at his beautiful Bride Nina, the widest beam appeared across his face.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and they had invited their Priest from London to take part in the ceremony, it was beautiful, the hymns sounding out across the city, an absolutely incredible occasion for all in attendance.

We took a few group photos outside the church and then Nina and Isaiah headed off too The venue located just outside Bath.

The colours of the guests were outstanding as many of Isaiah’s family were waring their countries dress, In the grounds they had arranged for Tribal Drummers and musicians, fire eaters and dancing.

In the evening Nina changed into the most stunning evening dress by Stella McCartney and made her entrance (like a super model) where she was met by her handsome husband Isaiah.

Nina, Isaiah, the ceremony, the colours, and the entertainment made this a very special wedding.

Nina loved this photo of her and Isaiah and especially asked me to add this to their story.

You can also view their first dance footage which we recored HERE – Enjoy

I was so thrilled to be part of their day and privileged to be their official wedding photographer, I wish you both all the luck and love in the world, congratulations to you both.

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