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Wedding's and the Xpro2 Firmware update 

Well now, what is my diary of experience going to open with today? As you all know, Fuji camera's are now my all time camera, after years of using many of the top DSLRs full frame, medium format, hasselblad etc etc, my photography journey is now and has been for roughly 5 years Fuji.

I have probably photographed over 200 weddings since becoming a Fuji Fan, you can check out how I first became to be introduced to the x100 in another diary blog on my site and also lots of image's and articles about this personal journey!

This diary of my latest wedding is (as alway's) based solely on my personal experience,  I shall talk a little about the Xpro2 setup that I use but my story as alway's will be told through the images from a couple of wedding's since updating the firmware on the Xpro2.


Bride and Groom walking

I've read many many articles and technical sites with regards to how the tracking focus on mirrorless camera's has evolved and how this system has improved, obviously I have spent  hundreds of hours testing the focus for myself, tracking everything from animals through to my children, ive been quite impressed however I must say, I have never felt so confident that I have used this when capturing a wedding.

For those of you who haven't worked in the wedding photography industry, let me just explain the areas where tracking at a wedding would be very handy.

Father and Bride

I gained a lot of my initial experience shadowing my uncle who was a well known London photographer in the 60/70s, but as with all learning we tend to take the bits we like and leave the area's we feel detract from our personalities or artistic flair and this was true for me, I really didn't like the way photographer's impacted on the overall flow of the wedding celebrations.

Let me, if I may, provide you with a couple of examples. When the Bride arrives at the location of the ceremony, the Father of the Bride normally steps out of the limo first, and then steps around the wedding car to open the door for the Bride, this is a wonderful moment, Dad taking his Daughter by the hand,  a wonderful moment to capture however, my uncle, as with many wedding photographers would stop the natural flow and set up a shot, I always felt the moment was lost!

The happy couple stand together at the close of the ceremony and it's now time for them to relax and sign the register, wonderful natural photos are possible but then comes that look at the camera and pretend you're signing a blank form photo, the signing of the register image, maybe not quite as necessary for tracking but I just felt the need to add this example of a photo I always disliked and still do! The vicar or registrar asks 'do you want to take a photo now?' I always double check with the couple before I set this shot because I so prefer those natural image's of the signing!

Another example was at the end of the ceremony, the couple make their way down the aisle to their favourite music and then when the happy couple are smiling in a natural way to all their guest's, the photographer stops the couple and arranges a smile at the lens photo! I always felt that the moment was ruined with this shot. In my head, I was screaming 'let them walk!'

A couple more examples where good tracking would be excellent, would be the Confetti shots, as my brain runs through the examples,  I'm realising there are numerous places during the wedding where tracking would be excellent, it's just that I've stayed away from this option since moving to mirrorless!  Either I track or ensure I use the straight down shutter press on the Fuji camera's, you know, one action on the shutter release, don't wait, one action!

down the isle

Sorry for the long introduction however as I have mentioned in past blogs, I do tend to use blogging as a way of planting the information solidly in my brain!

Ok, we were all getting very excited about the release of the next firmware for the Xpro2, I own the X-T2 but my favorite Fuji camera is my two beautiful Pro2s, just if the focus on the Pro2 could match the X-T2 I'd be sorted, a very happy chap.


When I shoot weddings, I look for those moments that have connection, that's why Fuji has transformed my photography, yes even after over 25yrs, I'm still learning.

I was so excited, ok, may sound sad but it's true, all I was thinking, was 'take the focus up a notch on my Fuji Xpro2 and I'm sorted!'

Firmware downloaded and installed on the Pro2, a few test shots however I had a couple of wedding's coming up the week of the release therefore I knew these wedding's would be the real test, I was determined I was going to set the focus to zone, continuous and of course drive.


OMG, they have done it, it's fantastic, I must admit as many of us, I have missed a few shots, you know, you just see something unfold in front of your lens and darn it, missed!

I absolutely one hundred % can tell you I didn't miss one shot, the focus even in low light was incredible, wonderful, fabulous, now I'm sure you technical chaps and ladies may want to read all about how Fuji have accomplished this but you won't find that here, what you can see is real examples from real weddings.

confetti with couple

With the images below, I have added several shots that were taken in continuous tracking, just to make you aware that these were just a few images that were taken with the drive mode, for each blast of the shutter, I had approximately 15 shots, it was great, I just followed the action as if I was filming! I will eventually add some images from the fun first dance, the action was very fast, extremely low light however the camera nailed the shots. Just a tad manic at the moment :) 

Please do check out the images with this blog, all the images have been quickly adjusted in Capture One and uploaded at 1500x1500.

Many thanks for reading, please do add your approval of the blog - Michael - thefxworks