Wedding Photography Weymouth

June 8, 2016

Wedding Photography Weymouth

Wedding photography in Weymouth

There are so many styles of wedding photography out there in the world of photography and thousands of different styles with regards to editing the final images.

When I receive enquiries I’m often asked about my style of wedding photography; if you browse through our website portfolio, you will be able to view hundreds of images and video’s from many many wedding’s that we have had the fantastic privilege of recording over 23 years, these images and video’s will provide you with a complete overview of our work however as I say to all my wonderful clients, “Our Style is your style” we absolutely love working with our couples and never push our artistic ideas, I have attended wedding’s where the photographer has a list of photo’s that he/she takes at every wedding however this isn’t how I we work with our wedding clients, we photograph people, love, personalities, moment’s, that’s our style, we always want to tell the story of the wedding through Photography and Video, capturing the real moment’s, the real wedding.

I make no apologies when I say “I really dislike photo’s that have been pre-contrived (the groom looking at his watch etc etc) we document your wedding day through the Art of imagery.

The gallery of images attached to this small article were taken at a wedding last weekend in Weymouth, its just a small selection from this wonderful wedding, for the lovely Hannah & Jason, if we see something beautiful happening in front of the lens, then that’s what we capture, reportage photography is an art, anticipating the moment.

If you want the story of your wedding told through beautiful photography or video, if you love the thought of unobtrusive wedding photography, then why not contact us and see if your wedding date is available, we would love to document your wedding day, we record wedding’s throughout the southwest, also available for international wedding’s.