Wedding photography with Fuji cameras.

Just to let you know in advance, this blog isn't going to go into all the specific details about these Fuji X cameras, my preferred setup, how the focus and ISO steps up to the mark, no, this is going to be about my experience using these fantastic cameras with my wedding photography service here in Somerset and using the Fuji x100s, Fuji Ex2 and my favourite wedding camera, my trusted Fuji XT1.

I've been a professional photographer for what must be 20 years now, specializing in Portrait and wedding photography, traveling all over the UK, Tracy and I have been privileged to photograph many weddings abroad; something that I still love to do when requested, to travel to Italy as the official wedding photographer at some superb Italian location is stunning however we now tend to stay nearer to home in Somerset just outside Bath.

I also love landscape photography, long exposure photography and to be quite honest any reason to photograph something that captured my attention, as many photographers, I love viewing the image that was caught at a moment in time. I have 5 beautiful children and I have been known to drive them a little crazy, because Dad wants to take another photo but I believe you can never have enough memories recorded.

As previously mentioned photography has kind of been in my blood since a very early age but moving on swiftly through the years, I became a professional videographer about 20 years ago, filming many corporate events and working with companies such as Disney, Sony and many more, I had made the move from just offering my professional photography service to the complete service, DVD production had become the main marketing tool for many major companies.

As we all love the fastest sharpest cameras on the market, constantly purchasing the next newest cameras that become available, making those companies very wealthy because we want it now, because as wedding photography professionals, we want the best for our client's, wedding memories are so important for the wedding couple. I can remember carrying the largest video camera with huge battery belts, a special hard drive that would record directly too, the biggest tripod on the market and feeling shattered after a wedding or corporate shoot.

Yep, I've been that photographer that has had two cameras with me through out the days event, specialist belt's to attach my second Canon 5d mark 3 with its massive lens, I still remember getting back from a wedding shoot and feeling the pain in my wrist and back ache from carrying these heavyweight systems on a 10/12 hr wedding shoot.

Well, how did I become the award winning wedding photography professional to switch to the Fuji camera system? About three years ago I was asked to be the official wedding photographer for a close friend of mine who is also in the photography business, there were several photographers at the wedding (no pressure then!) However one of the guys was running around happily snapping away with this tiny little camera, I was fascinated with this shiny little camera, that didn't make a sound. After finishing the group photo shoot I had the opportunity to sit down and rest my poor wrists and got chatting with the photographer about his camera which I found out, was the Fuji x100, after trying this little camera and seeing for myself the stunning quality of this fabulous little machine and seeing for myself how easy it was to blend in with the guests and capture those reportage photo's, I decided I would check out the reviews and go get me a Fuji x100s.

I was hooked, the first wedding where I used this little beast was where I had been asked to video a wedding in Bath, I had the x100s on its strap around my neck, it was as light as a feather, the most incredible thing was, I could hold the video camera in one hand and shoot from the hip with the x100s, remember I was filming the wedding, not as the official wedding photographer who was a close friend of mine. Getting back from the days event, I couldn't wait to upload the images (jpeg not Raw) I was blown away, the images were outstanding, pixel peeping on the I.Mac amazed me and I was determined to take this little camera to my next wedding.

As you know every man woman and child now owns the biggest cameras on the market, attending a wedding now a day's is like attending a photography convention, well, when I turned up with my new Fuji camera, I can say with all honesty, the guests absolutely loved the look of the x100s, so many lads asked me what was that stunning retro bit of kit, I felt terrific because now at last, I was "the odd one out" so to speak, everyone knew I was the official photographer. That was it, I was sold on the Fuji x system and since then, I have sold all of my Canon kit, my Nikon cameras and all those lenses and I am officially a Fuji wedding photographer, you have to change the style in which you may normally shoot with a DSLR (which I love) take more time and think before you shoot, which is such a breath of fresh air, my style has changed, I now feel totally connected with the image I want to capture, no more long days carting massive camera system's, no more back ache and tired wrists.

The quality of the images are second to none, I even struggle with the RAF or Jpeg scenario because the Jpegs are stunning OOC, my photography has again become my passion, I take my x100s everywhere and highly recommend the Fuji system's for all those photographic opportunities.

I now own two Fuji x100s an EX2 and the fantastic XT1 with all those fabulous Prime lenses, if you want a small flash for the cameras, then the nissin i40 is a great little flash and works wonderfully, TLT and manual are available to you and it performs like a best friend!

So if you are thinking about making the step into Wedding Photography Fuji style and haven't made the transition yet, don't hold back, do some research but I know it was the best decision I made and there is still a lot more to come from

Please feel free to ask me any questions if you are still not sure about making the switch but it will be one one the best decision's you make.