Wedding Photography fads

August 24, 2018

Wedding Photography fads

Wedding Photography fads

I do try to keep up with my personal Blogs however at this time of year I do tend to be quite busy with my wedding photography and landscape photography.

I know it’s not good enough, we all understand the importance of blogging, social media posts, I’m now a member on so many social media sites it’s crazy but apparently its the must into todays challenging times, when it comes to marketing and even more so, I believe in the photography profession as everyone and their Aunty is now a Pro-photographer lol

I remember when the majority of weddings were through the summer months and hardly ever on a weekday but now, from January through to December and every day of the week can be a wedding day!

Many of my readers know that for many years I was an avid Fuji fan but after using the Olympus E-M1 mkii for  sports event, I decided Olympus was going to be my next camera and i’m well pleased with the results of this camera.

However just as we all make changes to our photography kit over the years we also have to look at fashions in the Wedding photography business.

I have to say I’ve never really been into the posing images when shooting a wedding, I have never liked the posed look at the camera and smile shots, the dramatic lighting effects or the throw the Bride back look, where the majority of the time, the poor Groom looks so uneasy! Oh, and what about, “let’s all walk toward the photographer in a line or even worse, the jumpin the air shot.

I make no apologies on my site when I state, that if a client is looking for these staged shots then it’s best to look elsewhere!  

I want natural, beautiful wedding images, that really tell the story of the Bride and Grooms wedding day. I find it so frustrating when I’m looking for that natural cute look from a small child and someone says, “look, look, smile at the nice photography” the shots lost, that look that emotion suddenly turns into Mr Cheese!

Yes, I know some of the images have to have a little control, to ensure the client has a few images for the album or for Mum and Dad (if that’s their wish) but I’m speaking about the whole day being planned, where the photographer has to get the particular shot! I remember one particular wedding photographer, who always wanted to get “as he called it (Hollywood Image)  where the Groom would throw the Bride back, every wedding, he never seemed to take anybodys personality, style into account!

It’s the same when I take a couple or family out for a Family photoshoot, I want natual, never preconceived shots!

Anyway, why? I hear you ask have I called this Blog ‘Wedding Photography fads”?

Well, clients are more and more pulling away from the dramatic, unreal wedding photos, I  think social media has really brought the reportage style to the forefront of Wedding Photography. It’s all about, realism, I want it now, fun, please don’t give me staged, give me real life!  thank goodness, this is my way of shooting a wedding, so for me, it’s wonderful. If you want the work, if you want to take those photos that make people smile, if you want to really capture those magical wedding photos, try to be reactive, acting in response to a situation rather than creating or controlling it

Enjoy these photos from a recent wedding and enjoy your wedding photography.

Michael Gane – thefxworks – “Photography is a passion, lets take it with Olympus”