Wedding Photography is vital

December 29, 2015

Wedding Photography is vital

Wedding photography is vital

On my website information I do cover several topics with regards to helping wedding clients who are organising their wedding day, from things such as choosing that fabulous wedding dress through to things such as group photos.

I also cover important information about wedding photography and the importance of choosing a professional photographer to capture your memories.

As many of my blogger’s already know, at thefxworks we offer photography and video a dual service that is extremely popular however we now only offer this dual service for 6 weddings per year.

I thought I would try to put into words why I feel its so important to have your wedding day professionally documented through photography and/or video.

Couples spend several year’s organising that special one off day, I remember one particular Bride who was getting married at the assembly rooms in Bath last year and this lovely lady had been organising her wedding for about 3 year’s, they had both put away every penny they could in order to make their wedding for themselves, Family and Friends, the most fantastic wedding ever.

We arrive approximately two hour’s before the ceremony, if we are photographing the Brides preparations this may be slightly earlier but let’s just say the wedding is a 2pm wedding, two hour’s before is perfect. The guests usually arrive about 45mins before the ceremony, years ago guests would arrive a lot earlier but things have changed somewhat.

We are extremely fortunate because we live on the border of Somerset but we are also local to the stunning City of Bath, we do have the best of both worlds with regards to some of the most incredible location’s, venues, Orchardleigh is 10 minutes down the road for us here in Beckington, in fact we can see this beautiful venue from out home, so you could say beauty is on our doorstep.

The wedding day appears to last forever for the Bride however the day is over so quickly, on numerous occasions, when its time for us to leave the wedding party, when we’ve taken the last photo or filmed and recorded the first dance and say our “goodbyes” to the newly married couple, they are always amazed at just how quickly the day has gone, its then that the Bride say’s “how pleased they are that they had their wedding day recorded” they are so pleased they decided to have us there to record their memories.

I cannot put. Enough emphasis on the importance of having a professional wedding photographer at your wedding, please don’t leave this massively important role to a family member or a friend, its a once in a lifetime event, book a professional wedding photographer or wedding videographer.

“It will be as the Father of the Bride said ” The best spent money” for more thoughts and tips

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