Wedding Flowers

March 14, 2016

Wedding Flowers

Flowers at your wedding.

Flowers at your wedding can be the most beautiful way to decorate the church and/or wedding venue, perfect for your wedding photography, colourful floral decorations look absolutely fabulous, just perfect addition to your wedding photographs however its quite easy to allow the bill for the flower displays to mount up, so one need’s to be careful.

There are many options for the Bride and Groom, you have to consider.

1) Bouquets.

2) Baskets for the flower girls.

3) Buttonholes.

4) Corsages.

5) Pew ends.

6) Pedestal displays.

7) Tables.

8) Top table arrangements.

So we can see how the list can be quite comprehensive, you need to sit down with a glass of wine and run through the options. Looking on line is a great start, just take your time, look at the images as this will give you lots of ideas.

Flowers do work out quite expensive though because of the hours of care, the time it takes your florist to design your wedding flower displays, they have to match your ideas perfectly and of course your wedding scheme.

Once you have your flowers they need that extra care, the flowers need to be conditioned and stored so that they do not wilt. This is particularly important in hot summer months.

The florist will only be able to make the arrangements the date before the wedding which often involves working late in the night to get everything done.

Then these beautiful displays will need to be delivered at the various locations where they are required, this can include the bride’s house, church and reception.

There are a few cost cutting tips and ideas on Google and I have added a few of my ideas here, I was providing the wedding photography in Bath last week and the flower displays in the church were magnificent however I’m pretty sure the florists invoice would have been quite large!

By considering carefully how you use flowers at your wedding reception it is possible to reduce the amount you spend without compromising the overall visual impact for your guests or for the photographs.

Consult your florist to see which flowers would be in season on your wedding day and see if these would be cheaper, ask your florist about floral arrangement designs that incorporate a few stunning flowers surrounded by green foliage.

Foliage tends to be a lot cheaper than the flowers. A hand tied bouquet tends to be cheaper than a shower or trailing bouquet. If you are having pew ends at the church, consider alternating floral arrangements with ribbons so that you need fewer floral arrangements.

At the reception consider having a single flower in a vase as a centre-piece rather than an arrangement.

When you receive the first quote, it may be possible by asking about alternative possibilities such as ping flowers, reducing the size of your arrangements, etc. check that the price includes delivery to the Brides home, Church or Venue.

My Tip here – I was photographing a wedding in Bristol a few years ago and the flowers for the Church were taking to a different Church as there were two with the same name, ensure your florists are absolutely positive about the location of your Church and then double check again just to be sure. planning your wedding, lots of tips and ideas for your wedding day.

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