Wedding favours and table displays

March 7, 2016

Wedding favours and table displays

Wedding Favours and Table displays.

Expense is not always an issue however it doesn’t matter how much you hold in your bank account, we all love a bargain!

We have discussed wedding themes, we now need to look at matching your decorations to the theme you have chosen, so lets ask a few questions first.

1) What colour have you decided on for your decorations?

2) Will the colours go with the decor of the venue?

3) What items would you want at your reception: confetti on tables wedding favours name cards menus coloured napkins/serviettes, do want ribbons on your napkins/serviettes and what about a centre piece, maybe flowers on the tables or perhaps you love balloons, oh and candles can look splendid too!

I photographed a wedding at Sudeley Castle, at this fabulous venue, when I walked through the hedges into the area for the wedding reception, I was amazed at the beauty of the table displays, the flowers were magnificent, the beauty of the wedding reception was simply stunning, very expensive displays, so if money isn’t a challenge then go for it however it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look beautiful.

The beautiful Table displays that you can view with the attached image, were absolutely stunning, this was a magical wedding I had the privilege of being the official wedding photographer, at the wonderful Old Down Manor Bristol, for the lovely Stacey and Ben, the rooms looked beautiful, a pleasure to photograph.

If you plan getting a company to plan and decorate your reception there is naturally going to be a cost, your paying someone else to do the job for you.

You may feel its may not a big event in decorating your venue however keep in mind that if you ask a professional to do the job, to come up with the ideas, spend time working out prices, materials and create the decorations and then have to travel costs to your venue and spend time decorating it, that’s a lot of time.

You can save masses by making the decorations yourself, you can ask family and friends to help, you need to choose someone you can trust as you will be busy preparing for your wedding, Ive attended wedding’s where the Groom and his groomsmen have been involved, naturally with a plan from the Bride, that seems to work well.

Put a lot of thought into all your decorations, its important that your theme runs through, there are literally hundreds of options for confetti such as metallic hearts or stars, lapel hearts or dried rose petals Confetti scattered on tables is a very cost effective way to decorate your tables, it looks beautiful and is very easy to decorate many tables very quickly and this is one job the Groomsmen cant mess up lol.

Now what about the Wedding favours? Wedding favors are very popular for the wedding day, its a small gift to give your guests, a keep sake, a reminder of the wedding day.

Another memory from a wedding I photographed in Bath, the Bride and Groom placed small bags on the tables for the guests, the guys all had watches and the girls received beautiful Tiffany bracelets, certainly a reminder of the wedding however there are less expensive options that can have just as much of a meaning, a show of love.

One very cost effective favour could be a few sugared almonds (or sweets or chocolates) these can come placed in a small net bag and tied with a ribbon, or they could be placed in a small decorative box, you could to attach a label with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding.

If you didn’t fancy putting these together yourself Google it as we all know is a fabulous place to source chocolates/sweets for your favours, which you can buy in bulk to help keep costs low.

Things such as name cards, menus and the seating plan, these can possibly be put together by the venue and may only charge a small price, some venues do this as part of the service.

Alternatively, if you are producing hand-made invitations or designing an invitation on your PC, it may be a good idea to consider name cards, menus and your seating plan at this stage. When buying materials for your invitations, if you purchase the materials for these items at the same time, you may be able to negotiate a discount with the supplier.

Remember if you are designing these things on your computer, you will need to consider how you are going to produce name cards, etc. Stationery shops can supply clear transparent labels so it is easy to type up the names of your guests and print them off. The labels can then be stuck on whatever name cards you decided to have and as they are transparent they do not affect the design of the card.

A focal point always looks great and there are hundreds of ideas for these, some of the options for this, such as floral arrangement on every table however this can work out quite expensive, so why not opt for a main display on the main table and go for a glass bowl at the centre of each table.

You could have wild flowers or water and have floating candles in them or maybe you could fill the bowl with sweets or gifts such as bubbles, party poppers.

You will need to check with the venue because of health and safety, they may not allow tea-lights!

It is possible to buy inexpensive tea light holders from most home wear shops, however, with some thought the options for tea-light holders can be very inexpensive, ask your friends for their ideas too and these can look magical when the lights are lowered in the reception room.

Organza can be used on top of white table linen to introduce your colour to match your theme, netting can be tied into bows on chair backs. Some shops sell fabric as seconds at a greatly reduced rate and the great thing about using fabric is any imperfections can be hidden within the drapes.

Remember sometimes “Less is more” you really don’t need to go over board with all these little details, as I mentioned on a previous blog about a very small wedding I photographed in Bath a couple of years ago, where the tables had pure white tablecloths and the table displays were wild flowers that the family had collected, it was so simple but absolutely beautiful.

Just have fun, enjoy this part of your organising for your wedding day. – planning tips for your wedding day, wedding photography somerset.