Your Wedding Entertainment

March 28, 2016

Your Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Music

Choosing your entertainment for your wedding is very important, you have to remember that you have many different generations attending, you might love listening to the very latest RnB sound however Grandma and Granddad may find it a tad disappointing!

I’ve photographed many wedding’s and have experienced some of the most incredible entertainment, I was photographing a wedding in Bath a few years ago and the Bride had secretly booked the “wedding waiters” during the reception these waiters and waitresses mingled with the guest, serving the champagne, the guests had no idea until one of the waitresses stated to sing, they were absolutely fabulous, everyone was amazed at their performance, the looks on the faces of the guests, the surprise on the Grooms face, I loved the memories I captured, this was perfect for my photography style, capturing the life and memories!

So you need to take care when selecting your band or DJ, I have written an article on this subject HERE also a list of popular song choices for wedding music, which you can also check out HERE.

Your music can play a very important role in setting the right ambience and atmosphere at your wedding and reception. If you choose the music carefully along with the visual impact of your decorations, you can create unforgettable memories for your guests.

However, if you are hoping to have music at the wedding ceremony, day reception as well as in the evening, the bill could come to hundreds of pounds, if not thousands of pounds, so it is important to make your selection carefully.

I photographed Connie Fishers wedding in the Vale of Glamorgan, for her wedding she was blessed with having many Westend singers and so during the service the music was stunning, also for the evening entertainment a massive 40 piece band played, wonderful however this wont fit into everyones wedding budget, when you set your budget for your wedding, the excitement can take hold and before you know it, the purse strings are busting!

If you require background music at the wedding ceremony or for a drinks reception, consider replacing live music with a CD. You will need to ask for permission to use music during your ceremony if you are having a church wedding, ensure the person conducting the service is happy with the selection. Register offices do not tend to allow music, however, if you are having a civil ceremony in a hotel, music may be allowed but you need to make enquiries about this beforehand to ensure it is permissible.

My tip for choosing your music for your first dance would be this.

1) Choose a song that has meaning for the two of you, a song thats popular now, may not have meaning for you in the future.

2) I would personally have the DJ play the music from mp3 rather than have the band play the song.

3) Choose a song that has some life to it, rather than a slow smooch! Its much more fun for you and your guests.

4) Ask the DJ to announce to your guests that they can join in after a few minutes, if you think you would feel less on show! – wedding planning tips and lots about photography information to help you plan your wedding