The Wedding Season

February 19, 2016

The Wedding Season

The Wedding Season

I can remember when wedding’s were basically a Summer only event, the summer months were absolutely mad, weddings taking place Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s throughout the summer months, from May, June, July, August and September I didn’t stop, I can remember photographing as many as 9 weddings one particular August, no time for rest as you can appreciate the editing process for the wedding photos can take up too 6 days, especially because I have never and will never batch process my wedding image’s, every photo I take is a moment in time and they all deserve that special touch!

This year has been very busy, weddings right through from October, January and February have been very busy, I have noticed many more winter wedding’s being secured and venues now offer those special deals for mid week wedding’s, I do occasionally receive questions from clients asking if I offer special rates for mid-week wedding however my answer always being, I am a perfectionist and whether the wedding is a mid-week or Christmas Day, I always provide perfection therefore my price remains the same!

I do feel another reason for the wedding season not being as specific as times gone by is due to the changing weather, years ago booking a Summer Wedding was a near guarantee of good weather however October can be stunning and June can bring the rain clouds in.

I remember photographing a wedding in June at St Mary’s church on the Orchardleigh Estate and it was so dark the readers had to use small lights just to read, I know it’s a quaint church with no lighting but we are talking June here!

Anyway, I digress, the reason for this small article is because I received a question from a client asking “when do I think the best time is for their wedding and what month would I recommend as the photographer”?

Lets look at the month first, I think maybe one of the questions you need to ask yourself is ” have you got a particular theme in mind”? Why could this be relevant?

Well, you may want a wedding with a Summer theme, summer flowers, white table cloths and natural lighting, guests mingling in the grounds, summer games on the lawns of the venue, or maybe you love warm sunshine, low light, autumnal colors, maybe a vintage wedding where an Autumn month may fit better with your theme or perhaps you want a cozy festive wedding, warm light, cancels, warm color’s and beautiful dried flowers to decorate your wedding reception, maybe you want a masked ball theme, fabulous!

So that sets the ideas with regards to the month but what about the time for the ceremony, I always suggest 14:00pm its perfectly and you can read my reason’s behind this on past blogs.

Wedding’s are fabulous occasions, one thing to remember, its about you and your loved ones, a beautiful time to let the whole world know how much in love you are, whether it rains, snow’s or if you have those crazy storm’s, enjoy the day, leave all the stresses behind, love the day and have it documented with Photography and/or video then you can look back and remember the day. – wedding tips and lots more info on planning your wedding

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