Wedding Photography Olympus

April 24, 2017

Wedding Photography Olympus

Wedding Photography Olympus

Hi guys and gals, I did say I would put together a small article with regards to my experience using the fantastic Olympus E-M1 mkii at weddings.

I have now shot four weddings using this camera and all i can say is, It blows the Fuji Xpro2 away. I know i’m going to possibly upset a few Fuji fans, I still love my Fuji cameras however, I have to say that the Olympus has nailed every image, I honestly haven’t missed one shot, I can literally point and fire and feel confident I’ve got the shot!

I did want to write a more detailed article but unfortunately as it’s one of the busiest times for me, (Photographing Weddings) I have just added a few images from one of the weddings I had the privilege of photographing just outside Bath. The beautiful Orchardleigh House within the walls of the Italian Garden. 

The Olympus is so quick to nail focus, yes maybe a tad slower in low light but in my opinion still faster than my Xpro2, however even if some say it maybe slower in low light, the massive difference is I don’t miss any shots.

I will put together a more detailed blog together when I get 5 minutes but at this stage just take a look at the images from this camera and see what you think!

I do apologise Ladies and Gents that this is such a short Article but I promise there will be more about the Olympus E-M1 mkii to come as soon as I get through this manic  period.

Just a quick note, tomorrow I have a motor sport Photography shoot, I’m very excited as It will really test the speed of this camera, so do check back to see some images from that shoot.