Wedding photographers get real

January 24, 2017

Wedding photographers get real

Real Wedding photography

There are so many aspects to a wedding, apart from the months, sometimes years of organising and detail, the build up to the day, maybe the bridal party enjoy a few days in a exotic location or as in the USA enjoy a wonderful family get together the day before the wedding day.
Have you attended a wedding as a guest before? It’s fabulous being a part of a couple’s perfect day, its like seeing a story book unfold in front of your eyes.

Obviously as a wedding photographer, I’ve attended hundreds of wedding’s. When you attend a wedding as a guest or as I do in my profession,  every moment is in front of our eyes, however as the official Wedding Photographer I have the privilege of observing the more finer details that others may miss.

This is why I feel reportage wedding photography is such a fantastic role to play. On a number of occasions in my career many clients have said the photo’s captured the soul of the wedding, images that tell the real story.

I remember a few years ago attending a Family wedding where the Photography and videographer controlled just about every section of the wedding day, let me explain what I mean!
The guest’s arrival at the church, every guest was asked to stop, look at the camera and smile, the Bride stepping out of the wedding car, asked to stop and pose for the camera,  the signing of the register at the end of the wedding ceremony, pose with the pen over a blank page, the team stopped the Wedding couple down aisle to take a few posed image’s.
The obtrusive impact on the wedding, in my view had an impact on the flow of the wedding!

Well, that’s not my style, I really feel that your wedding day should unfold beautifully, naturally, that’s real wedding photography, naturally, I will always be ready to help and offer any advice to my lovely couples when asked or if I see or feel there is possibly a better way to arrange a part of the day, however your wedding day should have a natural flow, unhindered by your Photography or videographer.
A professional wedding photographer has many years of experience and has a solid understanding of when, what and how the wedding plays, I’m always ready to help, before and of course on the wedding day, you just need to ask!
Weddings have changed, its about the day now, the life, the fun, the emotion, its no longer everyone look at the camera and smile whilst stood in a line, real wedding photography is now, documentary Photography, clients and their family and friends want to remember the wedding, not the stuffy wedding photographer.
When looking for your wedding photographer, check out the image’s to ensure a story is being told, the image’s should take you on a journey, helping the viewer relive the wedding day.

These next few images will show how I love to shoot a wedding

“Photography is a journey, take it with Fuji” Michael Gane thefxworks