The beauty of wedding photography

August 9, 2016

The beauty of wedding photography

The beauty of wedding photography

Its simply magical to capture the beauty and personality of a Bride within the photograph, looking for the light that will enhance the image that you see in front of your eyes.

This incredibly beautiful Bride was quietly sitting not far from the natural light gently coming through the window.

Fabulous moments such as these are why I love my profession as a reportage wedding photographer. Its not about the pre-contrived images, its all about capturing the real story from the Wedding day, looking for those incredible moments, the love, fun and excitement that is so much the part of these special moments.

I love using the Fuji camera range, it truly enhances my art, helps me to capture those memories in an unobtrusive way, that the skill of wedding photography, not impacting on the emotions, being there to document the wedding day.

Michael Gane – thefxworks