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Wedding photographers get real

Wedding photography should tell the story, wedding photography is all about documenting your wedding day, Michael Gane of thefxworks, local to Bath on the Somerset border

The beauty of wedding photography

The beauty of wedding photography, capturing the wedding through the art of reportage photography, this image of this stunning Bride was taken at a wedding near bath.

Fujifilm Xt10 Travels

Photography travels, Fujifilm Xt10 Bradford on Avon near Bath, Floating Market on the Kennett and Avon canal, Civil War Re-Enactment. Photography Fuji Xt10 Images. 


Choosing your wedding cake

Some of the wedding cakes are so lavish however the costs can be astounding, I photographed a wedding at the Manor House Castle Combe where the famous company “Chocywokydoda” provided the splendid wedding cake, goodness know what that cost but you really don't have to pay silly money!



Planning your wedding

Im going to begin writing a blog specially for Brides and Grooms planning their wedding day, this will be from my experience as a wedding photographer for over 20yrs