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Wedding Photography Fashions

Have wedding fashions changed, has the wedding photographer changed, reportage wedding photography is the way to photograph your wedding day, the real wedding photographer

Photography "minds eye"

Photography is all about seeing what others may miss, I absolutely love reportage photography, Photography is a journey of learning.

Reportage Photography Xpro2

This is some more images taken using the fuji Xpro2 at my second wedding in Bath last weekend where I had the privilege to be the official wedding photographer. I'm a Fuji fan, Its great for my style of reportage wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Fuji Xpro2

Wedding photography Bath using the fantastic fuji Xpro2, fabulous camera for my style of reportage wedding photography,  

Mad about Fuji Cameras

The fuji range are perfect cameras for capturing all those fun, intimate unobtrusive photos at wedding's and great for street photography too.


Samyang 12mm Fuji X mount lens

Well as you know I have recently mentioned my latest lens (Samyang f.2 12mm lens) I'm not going to go into all the details of the lens but lets just say “I love your style and how it looks, its superbly balanced and looks great on my Fuji EX2.



Fabulous Profession

If you book thefxworks to photograph your wedding; we promise you will be thrilled with the memories we capture for you, real wedding's, real moments, real reportage photography.



Capturing Life through reportage Photography

Reportage wedding photography is where I really feel I'm in my element, I absolutely love looking for those magical moment's that appear in front of the lens, or those moment's that I'm always on the look out for, the Bride hugging her Mother or Father, the little child with his or her Grandparents, as a wedding photographer, its imperative that I speak out these image's, because after all, that's was reportage photography is all about, its not just snap shot's, its photography at its highest level.



Reportage Wedding Photography

The difference between an okay shot and a good one is often down to small changes. If you focus on the details and consider the image you may be able to transform it into something extra special.