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Wedding photography somerset

Wedding's in Bath

Very busy year, new Olympus E-M1 mkii, new little Flash and lots of wedding photography

Military Wedding

Wonderful Military Wedding at Guyers House in Corcham Wiltshire.

Enough is enough

Thats it, I have finally decided, after 20 odd years as a wedding photographer, I'm shooting Jpeg, the fuji Jpegs are better from camera, than I can produce!

Wedding Photography Fashions

Have wedding fashions changed, has the wedding photographer changed, reportage wedding photography is the way to photograph your wedding day, the real wedding photographer

Second Shooter

Second shooter at the Wedding, do I supply another wedding photographer at weddings, is it only me that takes the wedding images?

Wedding Photography WYSIWYG

'What you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) when shooting weddings using the Fuji X Cameras, check out this wedding I recently Photographed in Bath

Pre - Wedding Shoot in Wiltshire

A pre-wedding photoshoot in Wiltshire at the wonderful Stourhead NT property, using the fuji xpro2 camera, a wedding photographer who loves these mirrorless cameras

Reportage Wedding Photography Bath

Bride & Groom

Reportage Wedding Photography Bath

Reportage photography is a fascinating, artistic and superb profession; I have mentioned many time's in past posts, that its all about capturing those moments in time, many feel that reportage photography is about snapping away and hoping that one of the exposures would have possibly taken something of interest however thats not true, reportage wedding photography is all about anticipating, looking and having a clear inner idea of what's about to take place in front of the lens.

Its very much down to experience in life, having that inner perception, understanding people and reactions, emotions, having that connection to the world around you.

Bridesmaids walking

Many of my readers know I am a fuji fan and these camera's work with my style of wedding photography, I want to blend in with the action, I never want to have an impact on the events taking place, never manipulating the real life and action of a wedding.

Just married couple

This wedding have have included in this post will provide you with a few images taken at this fabulous wedding in Bath, all the images were taken as the action happened, the lads pointing at the camera, the Bridesmaids raising their legs, all impromptu exposures, this is why I love my style of photography, I never want to impact on the days events apart when asked to photograph the formal group photo's, this is where I use my artistic skills to produce interesting and artistic images.

Wedding photography is about capturing the wedding and reportage photography is the perfect way to document the wedding day, I love my work and photographing wedding's through out the Southwest, Somerset and Bath provides me with the opportunity to help make memories that last a lifetime.


Moving past Auto Mode

Maybe we could next look at formats, will you take your photos as RAW/RAF/NEF or Jpegs, we can look at this in a little more detail in my next blog!



Auto Exposure Problems

The simple answer is "you will have control." Despite its technological skills, your camera is a simple picture-making box that doesn't know what you want to achieve when you press the shutter button, or how you want to do it.



High Contrast Photography

Its all about looking at the subject or scene infront of your eyes and understanding the light and how you want this to impact on the photograph you are about to take.  



Direction of Light

So many options are available to us as wedding photographers, understand the light and then control the camera to produce your art.



Colour and quality of light

So why not start thinking more about the quality of light when taking those photographs, become aware of the light, the colour and the direction of the light source, you will be amazed at the difference this little trick will make to your photographs, yes even those selphies!!



Photography Tips & Tricks

If you do have the opportunity to try some more artistic photographs using off camera lighting, you can take your images to a new level but ensure you get the safe shots first, once you have those in the bag, then play away.