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Photography Tips

Second Shooter

Second shooter at the Wedding, do I supply another wedding photographer at weddings, is it only me that takes the wedding images?

Family Portraits Bath

I love Family portrait photo shoots, this lovely photoshoot was taken near Bath, using the Fuji Xpro2 and the Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 lens, check out the quality of the images. 

When is Auto too much?

Nothing will ever take the place of the Photographer, more than technology is required to capture life, wedding photography, portrait, landscape, these all need passion!

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Make your landscape, wedding photography shine, get passionate, learn your Art, turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary.


Aperture Settings

Controlling the depth of field is an essential skill in photography, it allows everything in a landscape photograph from the closest detail to the farthest, to appear in focus, or lets say your taking a portrait photograph of the Bride and you want the Brides eyes to appear sharp, selecting the correct aperture will provide you with the perfect detailed shot.



Getting Exposure Correct

Making minor adjustments to any of these dependent on the situation will provide you with an exposure, its up to you as the photographer, the artist to choose what it is you want in order to produce the image you are wishing to capture!



Photographing Interiors.

I absolutely love photographing interiors; we have some incredible National Trust venues here in Somerset, where the rooms provide superb natural light and the furnishings bring back the memories of the Victorian or Tudor times, a favourite of mine, as a professional photographer in this beautiful Somerset area, it’s a photographers dream but also if you just love photography as a hobbyist, Somerset is the place to try your interior photography skills.