Spur of the moment photography

October 15, 2015

Spur of the moment photography

 Spur of the moment photography

We can become paranoid about capturing that perfect photo, we read about these enthusiastic photographers that set their alarm clocks for silly times in the middle of the night, before the cockerel has even woken to get out there and capture that image.

I went through a stage in my photography life where I thought, this has to be done, I need to get out there and search for those amazing scenes!

I went through maps, google earth, looking for that perfect place in this somerset area to find the perfect location, however It never quite happened, I started becoming so determined to find the location, for the photograph to set the whole world on fire.

Thank fully I came back to earth and looked back at some of my images and then realised that some of the best images I have taken were spur of the moment, this image with this blog was taken on one of my walks through the somerset lanes, I saw this piece of farming equipment in a field that had recently been cut, the sun was low in the sky and to me, it just looked very haunting, very still; for most people passing this view, it maybe wouldn’t have made them rush for their DSLR but something drew me to take the shot.

I remember viewing the image on the back of the camera and feeling pretty pleased with the image.

That taught me a valuable lesson, if you like what you see, then take the photograph, it may not be mind blowing however you may be very pleased, better you capture the moment than getting home and wishing you had taken the shot, after all its digital!

So, you can be the type of photographer that makes that effort to capture that one in a lifetime photograph or you can just take your camera with you at all times and capture what you see, possibly that spur of the moment image may just be the one!

Photography has its rules as we have been discussing in these blogs, you need light etc but the rules are there to be broken and the only way you will become skilled with your camera is to practice, make those changes on the camera and see what happens, then you will become so skilled and soon learn that almost anything is possible!


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