Castle Combe races

Olympus EM1 and Sports

It's quite amusing when ‘I’ as a Wedding Photographer take my Olympus EM1 mkii to attend other events other than wedding’s and to be honest, I do tend to get a few looks from guests at weddings with the guests and their over sized cameras.

As i've always said, “it's not the size that matters but what you can do with it!”  as many of you know i've been a wedding photographer for about 25 yrs, I think it's fair to say ‘I've got a pretty good idea how a camera works and what look’s like a good image!

I love landscape photography; you can view a few shots here if you wish

Spots is another area that i find great fun, this past weekend I had the opportunity to take my olympus EM1 along to a race event at Castle Combe race course for their Bank Holiday Race day.

Well worth a visit, the funny thing was, you had all the PRO photographers there, with their “I’m a Pro Hi-viz jackets” and honestly some of those lenses were a tad over the top for this event, one chap had THE Biggest Lens I think i've seen, in fact, I think he was possibly photographing wildlife in the field 5 miles away :)

Any how, there I am with my little Olympus EM1 with masses of attitude, without going into to much boring detail, I naturally had the camera set on Shutter mode, 1/125 of a second for most of the shots as I wanted to track the cars to add a little blur to the background, I found either focus perfectly adequate, I think I was on about f11, ISO 100. A few images I shot a 1/800 just to freeze the action. 

This camera was shooting at 60 frames per second, a little silly for the shoot but, ‘if you've got it, flaunt it!’ I was pretty impressed with the images, not on a tripod, not doing a paid job, just having some fun. See what you think, with a different lens, those Canon 1Ds can eat my dust :)