Shadow a photographer

April 4, 2016

Shadow a photographer

Request to shadow photographer

I love my profession, yes its true, photography is a fabulous way of documenting life and I must admit its my hobby too, so this makes it even better. If your hobby is your profession then you have the best of both worlds!

To be completely honest I feel this is one of the most important aspects with regards to photography, it has to be a passion first, you see, photographing life is all about the connection between the photographer and the scene, if thats missing then the feeling is missing too. This is even more important if you want to be a wedding photographer because your documenting such an important day but also because its real life, its people, emotions, personalities so you have to love it in order to blend in, to capture the true life of the wedding day and all that happens in front of the camera.

I received an email just the other day from a university student who has been studying media and part of the course is photography. The email was very detailed with regards to the course, very impressive, the student asked if it would be possible to shadow me on a wedding as he felt “it would provide him with a lot of experience” because he wants to enter the profession and become a wedding photographer. This got me thinking, so many people today are looking at the wedding photography business as a job, pick up a camera, take a photography course and you’re all set!

I would love to help however when i’m photographing a wedding, i’m completely focused on the wedding, I become so focused on my role, the wedding photography is “where i’m at” although I would love to have someone shadow me, to help, they wouldn’t keep up, or even if they could, unfortunately, I personally feel it would slow me down because I would feel I would need to explain my actions and then I may miss those moments!

So what did I tell this chap? I said “Get out there, take your camera everywhere with you, photograph everything and anything, do some street photography, look for expressions, look for moments, master the art of photography, learn to love it, not just learn to take photo’s, make it your passion!

Understanding the basics is absolutely vital, understanding the technical aspects of photography is paramount however if you are serious about becoming a wedding photographer and you want to excel in the wedding industry my advice is “Love the art of photography first” its not just a job, to be great, it must be your passion! – wedding photography bath, wedding photography somerset, lot of tips and planning ideas.