Reportage Wedding Photography

September 26, 2015

Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage Photography

Reportage photography is fascinating; many photographers today say they produce reportage photography however its very important that you view their work,reportage photography is not simply about taking snapshots and hoping to get a photo. 

There is nothing more satisfying than capturing images as they happen, it’s all about looking and anticipating the next shot, the photo attached was taken at a beautiful wedding at Orchardleigh House, the Walled Garden Venue here in Somerset, the sun was out and the guests were in the mood to play, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to look and capture those moments as they happened, its really important that as a reportage photographer you look and anticipate the next shot, being the official wedding photographer is a fabulous privilege and a challenge, I like to walk amongst the guests keeping my distance, its important that I remain unobtrusive, my preferred camera to use is my Xt1,  which has a silent shutter and my beautiful prime 85mm lens which produces superb bokeh when set at f1.4, photographs look amazing, focusing on the important’s of whats happening in front of my eyes.

Move around and look for those moments that will bring back the smiles the laughter and memories from the wedding.

Wedding photography is an Art, reportage photography is an Art;  learn your art and produce memorable photos.

Ive added a few various HINTS AND TIPS for your wedding photography shoot.
1) Try to observe the rule of thirds unless you can break it successfully.

2) When posing someone, look at how they are standing naturally and then add finesse to it. 

3) Look at the arm and leg positions. Are they flattering to the subject and if not how can you move them? Can you make the image more romantic or create intimacy?

4) If you have a slim bride it is perfectly acceptable to have her move her hips away from you but then turn her shoulder back towards you.

5) Pay attention to where the couple are looking —you will find that in some of the best images no-one is looking at the camera.The shot is about the two of them and not you. 

6) Change your angle and lens for different looks. A wedding all shot from eye level on the same lens gets pretty boring.

7) Ask yourself if this is an album-worthy image before shooting it. Is this image the best you are capable of or could you improve it?

8) Slow down and take a few excellent shots instead of many mediocre ones.

9) Can the subject lean on anything or sit on anything?

10) Do not shoot close to anyone with a wide-angle lens as it will distort them.

The difference between an okay shot and a good one is often down to small changes. If you focus on the details and consider the image you may be able to transform it into something extra special. 

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