Real Wedding Photography Bath

December 23, 2015

Real Wedding Photography Bath

Real Wedding Photography in Bath

With so many “wedding photographer’s” advertising their wedding services throughout the UK now, I often wonder how the Bride and Groom make their decision as to whom should they choose in order to photograph that one special time in their life.

The wedding photography market has definitely changed over the past few years, this is partly due to the advancements in photographic equipment, technology has made vast improvements, one of the major advances was obviously the jump from film to digital, have you seen the latest lumix camera that films in 4k and claims that each frame can be saved as a 10×8 image, yes all you need now is a lumix camera and your set to take wedding photos!

I think the other massive change is due to the job market, it seems that if you lose your job the next step is to become a wedding photographer, build your own website, download stock images and “bobs your uncle” your all set to go!

Then you have the pricing, if you take a look online, you can now find “Photographers” offering all day wedding photography for as little as £385.00, crazy! I’m sorry but I’m a firm believer in the saying “you get what you pay for” let me explain, firstly if you book a full time wedding professional, he/she will have backup equipment, for instance, I own 4 camera’s, 3 flashes, 3 tripods, 3 sets of radio mics, two professional HD video cameras, two high power video lights, 16 high speed SD cards and 16 32gig high speed video SD cards, then there’s the indemnity insurance which costs me £85.00 per month, this is what you get just for starters when you book a professional wedding photographer.

I was recently asked, do I offer cheeper prices if the wedding is midweek? As I explained, would the client expect me to work any differently because the wedding was held midweek rather than the weekend? Obviously NO way, for me personally, it doesn’t matter when the wedding is held, I’m a professional and a perfectionist, would you expect your Doctor to work any different if you checked in to see them midweek, I do hope not!

Then there is the “experience” Veronica Roth made a superb statement (INSURGENTS) “No matter how long you train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something real happens.” and this is so true with regards to wedding photography, its real life, an experienced wedding photographer has build up years of experience, understanding people, working in every type of weather this planet can throw at them, rain, snow, storms, gales, yes you name it, we’ve worked through it! Somerset is fantastic at throwing every type of weather at you, any time of year.

You need a photographer, that pre-empts what’s about to happen, lighting, shade, even no light, a professional will be prepared and capture those stunning wedding photos every Bride wishes for and (too right) deserves!

Then there is the time factor, 10/12 hours on the day of the wedding, the pre-preparation, checking photography equipment, charging batteries, ensuring everything is set for the special event days before the Big day, then that’s it isn’t it, a professional just burns the exposures to disk and posts them off?!!

I have stated before in my blogs, I ensure that my exposures are spot on, I only take a photo that will document the wedding, capturing fun, emotion, real feelings however I check every single photo, this can be anything from 800 – 1200 images making fine adjustments, perfecting what was perfect, this can take another 4 days, my question is “how can a “Photographer” charging a silly price provide a superb, professional service?

I have 5 children and throughout my life as a Father, Ive needed, wanted to capture the children I love and “document” our family and our times, its imperative, isn’t it? Memories are so important in life, so if you are looking for a wedding photographer, you want to be able to look back at these images and bring back all the memories for years to come, so really its not that difficult to find your wedding photographer in the end, If it seems “to good to be true” it probably is, look for a professional. – for much more info and tips.

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