Posing the Bride

September 28, 2015

Posing the Bride

Posing the Bride

This photograph of this gorgeous Bride was taken in bright sunshine, which, as all my readers know, I personally love, bright colors and contrast on sunny days produce incredible images, this image incorporates intentional flare from the sun.

I love the way I posed this beautiful bride; I positioned the Groom next to me and asked the Bride to look at her Husband, this is one of my favorite things to do as I can see the Brides eyes open, the smile widens on her face as she looks into the eyes of her Husband, that’s when I take the photograph capturing those interactions with the newly married couple, perfect timing captures the love between the newly weds.

What does this image and pose tell you about the bride? She is beautiful, elegant and refined. Her dress is gorgeous, look at how I captured every detail in her wedding gown and her husband looks on lovingly as she is photographed in a fashion style. Her body is angled away, giving a natural separation between her waist and arm. By shooting from a low angle you can add height to the subject.  

As the official wedding photographer; push yourself, be creative and produce those photographs to thrill your wedding clients, work with your couple, never push your ideas onto the couple, allow them to be themselves, make those small adjustments if the photo requires it, if you let the wedding couple be themselves, then you will really capture their personality.

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