Planning your wedding

February 11, 2016

Planning your wedding

Planning Your Wedding

I receive enquiries from Brides and Grooms that have been planning that special wedding for months sometimes even years, the amount of time spent planning a wedding is said to be anything from 6 months to a year!

As soon as you announce that your getting married, everyone wants to know the date, wow, that can seem pretty scary because before you even go to the shops to try on a single wedding gown, book a your wedding band or DJ or taste a single canapé or chunk of wedding cake, theres a whole lot more you need to think about.

When I’m taking my wedding photos, i’m constantly imagining how I want the image to look, now how about you just close your eyes and think how you want your wedding to be?

Is it a candlelit ceremony in a mansion, maybe not even in your home country, maybe its a special place you have always wanted to visit are you walking barefoot on a beach in the Maldives or maybe it’s in your hometown’s special garden?

So while you’re visualising your perfect wedding day, there are some key points to consider:

Do you want a huge wedding, where everyone you know on the planet is invited, or are you thinking about a small intimate wedding?

Do you want to get married outdoors or inside a beautiful Church or wedding venue? Do you want a destination wedding, traditional, modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic or an all out glam celebration, fantastically fancy, relaxed and casual or maybe somewhere in between?

So you can check out magazines, books and real wedding photos online, but don’t limit yourself to just these areas, what about your favourite movie, story, book all of these things can provide you with ideas and inspiration.

Ive possibly experienced every type of wedding as a wedding photographer, I have been in the business for about 21 yrs so I do feel I have a little I can add to your planning, Ive documented, Russian, Indian, Spanish, Italian, Jewish, Catholic, Persian wedding’s just to add a few, Ive recorded celebrity weddings, and every style I think you could think of, or maybe you can surprise me!

However I have decided I am going to spend quite some time putting together my tips, my ideas to hopefully help you with planning your wedding, I have added a few wedding tips that you can view HERE but over the next few months I am going to dedicate a Blog solely about helping you as the Bride organize that one off special event. So please keep checking back to my blog page. – Planning your wedding


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