Photographing the Personalty in Portraits.

Are you like me,, always looking at other photographers image's, thinking, I wish I'd taken that photo or sometimes perhaps saying "I'm so glad I didn't take that one!" I must admit I'm constantly looking at how to improve my photography, I believe as in life "we never know it all" there is always more to learn, more experience and experiences to be had, challenging and challenges and to be challenged is what makes us the best we can be.

I love as everyone on this planet to receive praise especially when, for me, its about my photography, which I personally consider to be an art form.

I love to capture the Personality within my photography, its what photographing people is about, not just seeing but really visualizing that individuals Personality, sometimes you reveal personality traits that only someone close emotionally understands, its quite fascinating.

Sometimes I have experienced the photogenic experience, where the individual I was photographing has shone beyond anything I expected when the exposure was taken!

I remember being asked to do a model portrait shoot for a female model and on first meeting the young lady, her appearance was quite plane however the camera absolutely loved her, the image's I took were incredible, she transformed for the camera.

So this brings me on to the question I received the other day by a wedding photographer from Bath, she asked "how do I manage to capture the Personality in my wedding and portrait photo's?"

I have mentioned many times before in my blogs how I feel photography is first and foremost a passion, its a longing to capture (not recreate) what I see in front of the Lens, if I look at any scene, I want to capture as is, whether it's a stunning landscape scene or more importantly a person. I do believe it firstly comes from inside the photographer, the emotional connection from the person taking the exposure impact's on the photo, if you as the photographer feels no connection, no emotion, the photo won't have either! Back to my scenario with regards to food, no passion from the cook, no passion in the food!

That's the first stage, the next is to look at your study, understand who they are, move around your study, hold your hand out and get them to follow your hand, this helps you see your subject from different perspective, its amazing how we all look different depending on our moment, the slightest turn can transform the subject. Of course, lighting greatly impact's on the portrait, shadow's can look dramatic or moody, backlight can look sexy and dreamy, all these little tricks transform the subject, feel the mood, love what your seeing.

Lastly, look into the eye's, the eye's are the window's to the soul, this isn't creepy, its true, eye's tell the story of the individual, the subject, master this and you will capture the Personality within the portrait. If you are photographing a wedding couple, look for those moments when there eye's meet, then take the photo, that will capture the love, the moment, that's photography, that's photographic Art.

This absolutely stunning Bride from a recent wedding (local to Bath) was very photogenic and a dream to capture on film, lovely personality, beautiful eyes, it was a pleasure photographing her and capturing her personality in her wedding photo's however I still took my time and studied her in order to create the wedding portrait photo's to reveal her beauty.

I do hope this has helped, for more tips -