Passionate about photography

September 7, 2015

Passionate about photography

How I just love photography; I know some will think I may be a tad over the top with my love of this fascinating art but no apologies here, I do love it.

Many photographers out there think that wedding photography is an easy career however I can tell you that I have produced some major projects over the years and nothing compares to the incredible privilege and the huge responsibility that’s added when being the official photographer at a wedding, capturing those moments that can never be captured again.

I have photographed literally thousands of weddings over the years here in Somerset and of course many wedding photo-shoots abroad and each one brings its own unique challenges.

You have to be passionate about this fabulous profession, and then you capture those images that bring back perfect memories but also capture the wedding day.

This fantastic wedding for the wonderful Emma and Matt was just outside Somerset, the day was a tad overcast but later in the day the sun came out.

I was just taking some photographs of this lovely little family when the mother of the Bride stepped into the scene and I captured her throwing the remainder of the confetti, that’s why I emphasise how important it is to have your camera ready and if you can set to manual, exposed correctly for the scene and lighting, it helps you to be ready when magical moments like this happen.

Be passionate about this fabulous art, enjoy capturing magic moments for the Bride and Groom, it’s just like producing a fabulous menu for a loved one, if you poor passion into the menu, you can’t help but produce mouth-watering food!

Love your role as the official photographer at your wedding and bring to life the memories through your images.  

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