Organising Stag and Hen Parties

February 16, 2016

Organising Stag and Hen Parties

Organising the Stag and Hen Party

As promised I’m going to start my contribution to help with you organising your wedding, this is my personal experience as being a professional wedding photographer for over 20 years.

This first blog is going to be quite short as its a short blog about Hen and Stag parties.

I personally didn’t have a stag party when I got married, to be honest I’m not a fan of drink and the thought of being chained to a lamp post isn’t my idea of a great way to get together with all my friends before the wedding day lol! I know I’m being over board here but it may be worth thinking care-fully about whether YOU actually want to take part in the activities of your stag or hen night, or feel you want to this pressure from your friends?

The costs of having a hen or stag party can soon add up when you start to take into account food, alcohol, accommodation, transport and any other leisure activities into account.

It is however possible to find low-cost flights and has become easier for people to hold hen and stag weekends in Europe but keep in mind the bill can end up running into hundreds of pounds per person.

When you as the Bride and Groom, already spending money on your wedding day but with some careful planning and a bit of creativity things can result in Hen and Stag party which is unforgettable, but didn’t cost a fortune at a time when funds could be stretched!

If you do decide its for you then why not think about having your party local to you, as Ive already mentioned going to another city or abroad involves transport costs and possibly overnight accommodation.

If you choose to do something nearer to home, it will save you money and If your friends live locally it won’t break the bank for them either.

Rather than going out, think about a Stag/Hen party at home, even consider having both parties attending, yes a dual Stag and Hen party, its a thought!

If your guests all bring a bottle, there shouldn’t be too many other costs involved. There is still a lot of scope to be creative with party games and fancy dress to make it the most talked about event.

Keep it low-key and sophisticated. You might feel that a large stag or hen party is not for you. Perhaps celebrating with a couple of close friends or family members sounds more appealing.

Some questions you could think are about are……..

1) What is the Location?

2) What activities will you want?

3) What will it cost per person?

4) who’s invited?

5) do we really want a party? – wedding tips, photography tips and much more information

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