Olympus 9mm fisheye lens

When you want a bit of fun with your images, snap away knowing that the image will be sharp and in focus, there are plenty of lenses on the market to use with your Olympus camera.

I’m very much a Fuji photographer, I have been writing my experiences using these cameras with my wedding, landscape and wildlife photography however a few weeks ago I decided I would get myself the OLYMPUS E-M10 MK2 and i must say I have been quite impressed, in fact so impressed with the micro 4/3rs that right at this moment I am waiting for my delivery of the Olympus E-M1 mk2. (I shall be writing a few articles with regards to my experiences using this camera at my next wedding, could I be moving across to Olympus?

Anyway, I did read a few articles about the Olympus 9mm fisheye lens, many pros and cons but I wanted just a fun lens to use on my walks around the Somerset lanes, where I live just 15mins from the historic city of Bath.

This lens have 3 elements and just gives the photographer 3 options for focus, Infinity/Hyperfocal/close. There really is nothing to this lens, it's tiny and when closed it kind of acts as a lens cap!

Therefore yesterday after this little lens arrived, I thought I would put this on my Olympus E-M10 mk2 and head out to take a few photos.


Well, from the very first image, I smiled, this inexpensive (£65.00) lens is great fun, yes it's f8 fixed which obviously would be absolutely hopeless for low light images but for just happy snapping the shutter at everything and anything is great fun and produces really sharp, good contrast images SOC.

I have added the images through this blog just to give you an idea of what this lens can produce, you won't find any mind blowing foreign sunset shots or gorgeous models on sun drenched beaches in this article, but quick fire shots, but it may help you to decide whether this lens is worth the silly money, I think it's a fun little lens and shall definitely keep it in my kit bag for the odd shot and I may even use this for some whacky shots at my next wedding in Bath!

Michael Gane - thefxworks