Photography for Jodie & Liam – Old Manor Hotel

January 21, 2016

Photography for Jodie & Liam – Old Manor Hotel

A Special wedding in Bradford on Avon

You know that photographing a wedding is an amazing privilege, any wedding photographer will tell you the same, its incredibly hard work and such a responsibility, “come on its the most important event in a couples life, the commitment to love and be faithful for the rest of your life, to love and to cherish, to honor and care for the one you love” the wedding couple want to capture this special day in their lives for all eternity and its our responsibility as the official wedding photographer to produce fantastic photos that will last a lifetime.

I’m sure every Wedding photographer would find it a challenge to name a specific wedding that stays in their mind because every wedding that they photograph is unique, the Bride, Groom, Family and Guests it really is a special day however just sometimes, there Is that something special about the day, its not about how much money was spent or about the venue that was chosen, its something magical about the couple and their love for each other, just something makes the wedding shine above others, something different, something that you cant put your fingers on.

Well I photographed one such wedding this Saturday, it took place at the Old Manor Hotel Located on the outskirts or Bradford on Avon and Trowbridge and just 15 minutes drive from the Spa city of Bath.

The Old Manor was the perfect hotel for Jodie and Liam, the house is mentioned in the Domesday Book as being part of the Abbess of Glastonbury’s estate, apparently the Moonraker was originally built in classic Queen Anne style before being upgraded in the 17th century to Bath stone.

The Wiltshire weather didn’t disappoint! yes it was raining and the wind was giving out quite a bluster, so we can say the reason this wedding was so wonderful, wasn’t down to the British weather, the venue had fires burning in the lovely ornate fireplaces, which gave a beautiful warm glow to lighten the hearts on this cold day.

Jodie was preparing for her big day in one of the rooms with her girls, she looked absolutely beautiful; Liam was with his lads, looking very cool in their blue suits, the ceremony was held in one of the main rooms, in front of the fireplace, Jodie looked stunning as she walked down the isle to meet her handsome Groom Liam; a wonderful ceremony was held, their gorgeous children being a part of this wonderful wedding.

So it wasn’t the venue, “although beautiful”, it certainly didn’t have anything to do with the weather, which I must say “Jodie was an absolute star to photograph in her wonderful wedding dress, wanting to go outside in the rain to capture a few romantic photos with Liam” it was the Bride and Groom, their lovely Family and Friends, the emotion captured within this wedding, is what made this wedding day, stand out, weddings are wonderful days to be part of however the most important part of your wedding, is YOU, this is what, in the end, makes the wedding day special.

We wish you and your wonderful family all the love in the world Jodie and Liam. – more wedding and photography tips.   

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