Fuji x100

Mad about Fuji cameras

First image taken with the X100; from this moment on I was hooked!

I was taught the basics of photography by my wonderful Uncle who had a successful photography business in the City of London in the 70s; he was very well respected within the photography community and made his name for his Architectural photography, he had this amazing eye for capturing buildings and interiors, he always spoke about converging lines that drew the viewer into the image. He was a true master and taught me to take a moment and step back and really look at the scene in front on the lens.

Another important lesson he taught me was, if I see something that catches my photography eye, just before firing the shutter let those emotions register as he believed (as do I) that those feelings and emotions transfer onto the censor!

When I visited him in the big city, we would spend long hours photographing the cityscapes but also walk through the busy London streets photographing the people, capturing the lives of strangers on film, bringing those moment's to life on film, yes film!

I believe those hours spent (what is now come to be known as street photography) wondering through those long bustling streets made a huge artistic impression on me and developed my style, my love of reportage photography.

So we move away from film and into the digital age, amazing to instantly view the image, my first digital camera was Canon, colors were a tad too vibrant but the future was now sure, digital would become the way!

After years of Canon and Nikon, feeling the aches and pains carrying these heavyweight cameras around, I bought my first Fuji the x100 and my photography life reached new heights, freedom, this tiny retro camera helped me capture those unobtrusive reportage images so beautifully, I was well and truly hooked.

The image above of a Father reading to his son was one of the first photos I took with the x100, if I had my Canon camera, I may have missed the love and the emotion, I always used Prime lenses so zoom was never an option!

Fuji x100t

These cameras let me get close to the action, unobtrusively documenting those intimate and fun moments, reportage photography is about seeing, really seeing, seeking out those moments, looking for the eye contact, the smiles, the touching of hands, the fun shots, anticipating what is going to happen and I love it, I must admit that it's so much a part of my makeup, I'm always watching and looking for those magical scenes in daily life too! The image below was taken at a wedding in Tuscany, this beautiful Bride was standing with her brother, as the announcement was made to begin her walk down the stairs she closed her eyes, the fuji x100s caught this moment silently, not impacting on this incredible moment. 

Intimate moments

Using the Fuji range has enhanced my style of photography, I do feel everything about my photography has improved; my Uncle's tuition taught me a very important rule, you never know it all, photography is a journey of learning, something we never truly master, an art that is forever changing just like the light we capture.

Michael Gane - thefxworks