Low light EM1 mkii -

Low light EM1 mkii

As many of you know I have been using the Olympus EM1 mark ii  for about six months now, initially I was a Fuji wedding photographer however decided I needed a change and move onto Olympus after testing the EM.

So how does this camera stand up in low light? with the Fuji I did tend to overlook the focusing issues and work with it. I read an interesting article and found I was working the same way, excusing poor focus missing some  shots, putting this against the quality of the images I ended up with, sometimes really poor back focusing and just plain missing the shot. 

This weekend I photographed a stunning wedding near Bath for the wonderful Henning and Chantelle. The first dance was something that they’d rehearsed for weeks and weeks and this wasn’t going to be a standard first dance “the slow smooth smooch”  this was going to be something with a bit of fun for the guests to enjoy. 

The venue is well known for being quite dark inside, it can be quite challenging, the photographer really has to understand his gear and some pretty major photography techniques, the lighting was very low the DJs lights were  very low,  just a few strobe lights and lasers. 

This is when you need a camera that focuses but essential  in low light.  I would normally keep the the focus assist light off however it was very dark so I decided to put this to on, shooting in full manual shutter speed was about 1/15 of the second, I had the flash set to manual, I think it was 1/4 power. 

I love to shoot the first dance and all the fun shots before and after I had to dance around the bride and groom to capture these weird and wonderful wedding dance shots but I have to say the EM1 focused brilliantly even in this mad low light. I made sure that I was focusing on a specific point to aid the camera aiming for the outline of the couple to make things less challenging but I think you’ll see by the images that this camera does produce brilliant images, focuses really quickly, even in low light.

 Take a look see what you think, you want to shoot Weddings, then be confident that the Olympus EM1 mkii is the camera to enjoy.

Wedding Photography using the Olympus EM1 mk11