Loving the Fuji X range

August 22, 2016

Loving the Fuji X range

Loving the Fuji X range

When you love photography when it’s your passion when you want to venture out, and just take photos, have your camera with you at your side, you want a camera that feels good, looks good and most importantly, produces incredible images.

I have alway’s wanted such a camera that I can just walk around with, that just feel’s good and capture those stunning photo’s we all love to capture.

Well the cameras for me are the Fuji range (no I’m not paid by Fuji to say this) its true, after years of being a Canon only guy, lugging my huge 5D camera around was beginning to take its tole, being a full time wedding photographer for about 25 yrs now, I really felt that it was time to try something new!

The passion was alway’s there, however taking my Canon 5d out with me on my travels around the Somerset area and Europe (Italy being my favourite place to visit) was becoming less fun and more hard work!

Ive always been the same, if I’m going out for the day, I want to take my camera with me, I’m sure you understand my words; the odd occasion I haven’t, that’s the time when I have seen something amazing and went to reach for my old friend!

Why do I love the Fuji camera’s? Well, firstly as I’ve already mentioned, they are just so light and ergonomically perfect for me, I love the retro styling and when I see the image I’m looking at through the lens and make any necessary adjustments, what I see on screen is what I’m going to get, I love that…

Possibly like you, I have literally thousands of images, from landscape through to Wedding Photograph’s, well in the gallery below I have added a few from a recent trip to Lyme Bay in Dorset and just a few other images, these were all taken with the FUJI XPRO2 and either the 56mm or the 16mm fuji lenses.

I mostly shoot using the ES because this enables me to set a large aperture especially when taking portraits or a wedding shoot, for the group images ill naturally set a smaller aperture and if there is the need for flash, I’ll set the camera to MS. I will also change from ES if I want to take moving subjects.

Ive adjusted the images in Lightroom and added a few touches to the photo’s however the majority I’m previewing here needed very little editing because these cameras are so good and because WYSIWYG!

I realise that I’m not the best when it comes to reviews, my words and comments are based on the very basic truth, “the proof of a pudding, is in the eating” my expressions come from the proof of what I get from using these cameras, and I think I get fantastic results, I lift the camera to my eye, focus and shoot.

I absolutely love using these cameras for my wedding photography, incredibly silent when set to the ES, they have provided me with even greater opportunities to capture those magical moment’s with my style, which is mainly reportage photography.

Please do take a look at the images below and if you wish to view more of my images from wedding’s through to landscape, you can see my work on thefxworks website.