How many wedding images do I receive?

December 14, 2015

How many wedding images do I receive?

How many wedding photos 

It’s great to receive questions from some of my blog readers and also from photography enthusiasts also full time wedding photographer’s. I must admit I do receive many questions especially about the cross over to using Fuji cameras and how they perform especially for wedding photography as I am now a Fuji Wedding photographer.

Today I received quite an interesting question with regards to “how many photograph’s do I take and provide my wedding clients after their wedding?”

Before taking the steps to use Fuji camera’s I, as many other wedding photographer’s used the classic Canon 5D mk111 a fantastic camera extremely touch lightning focus, many times the camera would focus and snap the image before I even realized. This would sometimes mean the image was taken before I knew it! This was great for speed however on arriving home after the wedding shoot and uploading the RAF files ready to process I would have several duplicate image’s, frustrating because the memory cards would become full quite quickly on the photo shoot but also because it meant that I would have to scroll through duplicate shots.

Happy days now though, because I now use the Fuji X camera’s I no longer have hundreds duplicates because I can focus on the photo and capture the exact scene in front of me.

To give you a general idea, last weekend we were the official wedding photographer at a lovely wedding in Bath, after the wedding I had approximately 1200 images, every photo I took was entirely based on what I saw and wanted to capture to the memory card. When taking images of Groups or the Bride and Groom exiting the church or say for example the confetti shot I will set the camera to Drive taking 6 exposures per second, perfect time to ensure I can select the image I want and of course to ensure I don’t have any blinkies with the groups.

So lets say that after the edit I have 1200 photo’s, how many do I provide the Bride and Groom?

1200 photo’s, yes that’s right 1200 image’s, I give every photo to the client! I know you’ll see and maybe be aware that the majority of wedding photographer’s will offer 400 full resolution image’s…… Why? Why would I take 1200 images but only provide 400 for my clients, why do I want to keep hold of 800 image’s? I’m sorry but I can only assume that 1) the other photos the photographer took were poor exposures. 2) their money grabbing. 3) their possibly and sadly providing their photography service just for the financial gain!

That’s my answer, How many photograph’s do I give to the wedding couple……. Every photo I took at their wedding, if the photo was good enough to take, then its good enough to give! – wedding tips and thought about my wedding photography service in Bath and Somerset.

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