Metering Fuji XT1

January 6, 2016

Metering Fuji XT1

Metering on the Fuji XT1

When I first bought my very first Fuji X camera, I was so impressed with the quality of the image’s on the x100s that it allowed me to stop thinking about. Whether to shoot in RAF format, why should I, the camera was going to be used as my personal run around camera? I was initially going to use it for my personal photography, especially for my street, landscape and travel photography, the Jpegs (OOC) were just so good.

As my reader’s now know, I own all the latest X camera’s and I only photograph wedding’s with these stunning camera’s.

I recently received a question from a photographer who has purchased their first mirrorless camera (Fuji XT1) and has asked “which metering setting do I use and how do they perform in certain scenario’s but especially for portraiture?”

I did write a short article about metering a few months ago but I thought I would use this opportunity to just provide a quick update about the different options and what the difference setup offer’s for photography.

1) Evaluative Metering – assess the light from the full scene, check’s the camera’s computer and sets the meter on what it believes is in front of the lens. 99% of the time, this will provide a pretty good exposure.

2) Center Weight Metering – takes its reading from the center of the frame. This is not based on computer algorithms, it evaluates the light reflecting of the object)

3) Spot metering – this takes its reading from a small spot area (around 2% of the frame) based solely on the reflective light entering through the lens into the censor.

I must be honest here, I wasn’t very impressed with the Center Weight or Spot metering on the Fuji x100, it wasn’t tide to the focus point and it didn’t seam to be very accurate, however the metering on my XT1 is fantastic, I find it extremely accurate and I find myself changing from Evaluative to my favorite (spot metering) all the time when providing my wedding photography service.

Metering really does depend on the situation, its kind of like asking a chef, “how much salt should you add in a meal?” There really aren’t any hard and fast rules however I will try and provide you with a couple of scenarios. If I had the camera set to AP mode, I would possibly set the Evaluative Metering, if I was taking a group photo at a wedding, Evaluative would take an overall reading, possibly add some exposure compensation until I was happy with the exposure (this would be under good natural light) and then take the photo.

Let’s now think of the same scenario however lets say that we have full backlighting and its impossible or for aesthetic reasons I can’t move to a different location, I would click to spot metering and take the reading from the same light reading as my subject’s (neutral color) this would let me gain the correct exposure for the photograph.

The metering on the XT1 is superb and my favorite for me personally is Spot metering, I use this setting because it aids me in capturing the image as I imagined, its great to use when i see stream’s of light hitting my subject and I want to create an artistic photo.

When attending a wedding as the official wedding photographer, for 90% of the wedding I do have the XT1 set to spot metering, I find it very accurate and ensures I capture the lighting as I intended.

The image attached to this post hopefully demonstrates how spot metering helps you to produce artistic image’s. – check out more information on photography

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