Stephanie and Timothy Orchardleigh Wedding

May 23, 2016

Stephanie and Timothy Orchardleigh Wedding

Orchardleigh Wedding Photographer – Stephanie & Timothy

I have been looking through my catalogue of weddings and found that my very first wedding was in fact 23yrs ago, I have mentioned on my website that I’ve been documenting weddings in the Bath area for 20 years, so i’m going to have change that, its amazing however what really surprised me was the amount of wedding’s, over 800 wedding’s, thats a lot of couples; Facebook has been amazing as I quite often see posts from couples, how their family has grown, their travels etc.

Photography still remains my passion, everyday is a new learning experience with photography, light is never the same, locations and personalities are so different, every wedding is a new experience for me as a wedding photographer, Bath and the surrounding area has many fabulous Venus for photography, we are very privileged here in somerset.

My very first wedding was at Malmesbury Abbey in Chippenham, it was great looking through the images, digital had just began to make its mark on the photography circuit.

I do try and keep up with my blog posts and write short articles on wedding’s that I have recently had the privilege to document with photography and/or video.

Last weekend I had the privilege of being the official wedding photographer at Stephanie’s and Timothy’s wedding on the beautiful Orchardleigh Estate, I do provide my service quite often throughout the year at this wonderful location, being one of the recommended wedding photographer’s but also as this venue is literally 10mins down the road from us here in Beckington, in fact we can see the venue from our home.

The wedding was beautiful, Stephanie looked wonderful, her Bridesmaids, beautiful, and Timothy and all his guys were looking very cool.

We wish them all the love in the world and I have added a selection of photos from their lovely wedding just outside Bath. Our wedding Photography and/or Video is very much about documenting the wedding through reportage, the unobtrusive service, the perfect way to capture your wedding day.