Fuji Xpro2 High ISO Review

February 26, 2016

Fuji Xpro2 High ISO Review

Fuji Xpro2 High ISO Review.

Hi people, can I firstly explain the main reasons behind this small Blog, I write these small Blogs for my website, its about my thoughts and ideas, I’m not a member of any forums, this Blog was shared by a member of Fuji-rumors and has become quite popular however I wanted to emphasise that this is my blog about the Xpro2, my thoughts on the quality of this camera, please don’t expect to read major technical information, if you want this then there are plenty of full reviews on many sites, this is my thought’s, that i wanted to put down in writing, so there won’t be hundreds of images, just the one, I don’t pixel peep, so there isn’t any full crop photo’s, I just wanted anyone who happen’s to read this blog know that I think the camera is superb and I love it! 

As a wedding photographer, for me, its about the quality of the images, this is what counts for me! The technical information is great but for me, it was about the photographs.

We’ve all seen the reviews about the release of the new Fuji Xpro2 camera, yep, I’ve read just about ever one, lots of technical stuff about the all new censer etc etc but what I wanted to know was, what are the images like, how fast does this camera focus to see how well it performs in low light.

Well as many of my readers know, I’ve been a photographer for all my life, my uncle had a very successful photography studio in London and his passion transferred onto me, I’ve worked for many companies, such as Disney, Sony, and had some fabulous opportunities over my years as a photographer. I still feel I have so much more to learn about this Art, I can never get enough, my trusted camera goes every where with me and this takes me onto my love for Fuji cameras, It wont surprise you to know that I was a Canon only photographer however taking my canon 5D with me was always a challenge, I have 5 children therefore trying to capture those sneaky pics of my kids was quite difficult at times, yes you know, pointing that huge lens always puts fear into everyone!

So I bought my first Fuji camera (Fuji x100) for those unobtrusive shots and I was hooked, I went from there to getting my hands on all the X cameras and now as many more professionals, Im a fully converted Fuji Wedding Photographer.

Out of all the fuji cameras I bought, I just couldn’t get on with the fuji Xpro1, yes I know many photographers love this beast but for some reason I just didn’t like it, so I sold it as soon as Fuji brought out the XT1 and I love it, its my number one camera for my wedding photography with the 56mm lens, its fantastic, yes like many of us, I do tend to miss the odd shot which can be frustrating but its kind of worth it!

Anyway, lets get down to the Fuji Xpro2, what is this camera like and from a photographer who wasn’t impressed with the Fuji Xpro1, does this produce the goods, and more importantly, whats the High ISO and focus like, is it going to be my main camera?

Hell, YES YES YES, thats all there is to it, I don’t need to write anything else really but just kidding, ill give you a tad more information however this isn’t going to be all technical, its just about my wedding images and how I feel its a fantastic tool for photographing my wedding’s.

I did my first wedding with the Fuji Xpro2 last weekend and we all know that winter wedding’s in the UK can be quite a challenge, I won’t kid you or pull the “photographer wool” over your eyes or tell you I’m Mr Perfect when it comes to using Flash because Ive studied every book there is on this planet, Ive spent hundreds of hours perfecting my flash photography but I still find I’m never really happy, you know, when your looking at a beautiful candle lit venue and you want that shot as it looks and you know that using flash will take the ambience away from the shot, i’ll even take the photo using long exposure if there is time, to get the emotion in the image, so there I’ve said it I hate flash and trust me, I can use manual flash or any type of flash known to man but I just love natural light!

So many of my images are shot with high ISO, the highest I have had to use is the dreaded 6400 ISO and with a little editing they look good but what if I could take the image with that extra ISO, that would be superb so this is why I bought the Fuji Xpro2 and its phenomenal, ISO 12000 now looks like 6400 and the focus is absolutely incredible, I didn’t miss a single shot, I was in my element, such a Happy Chappy.

Well thats it, all I need to say is, you will not be disappointed, The image attached was taken at ISO 12000 at the Wedding, where I was the official photographer in Bath.

Hopefully you can appreciate that these two lads were moving around quite fast and the only light in the marquise were table candles and a very low light chandelier, so this is pretty impressive for any camera, I edited the image using Dfine2 to help with noise but I have to admit it’s leagues ahead of the XT1 images at ISO 6400. I’m thrilled with this new tool and it will now be my main wedding camera.

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