Fuji Xpro2 Auto Focus review

April 6, 2016

Fuji Xpro2 Auto Focus review

Fuji Xpro2 Auto Focus review.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve had the Xpro2 for about a week now and I’m still doing lots of tests around the lanes close to my house here in somerset.

Ive been a Fuji fan for about 5 years now and as I’ve mentioned in other blogs, I have owned every Fuji X camera.

They all have their quirks and they do take a different style of photographer, not every one will like these cameras.

My last perchance was the XT1 after selling my Xpro1, the reason! Well I loved the retro style of the Xpro1 but I did miss the occasional photo, now I know the only person that knew this, was me but isn’t it frustrating when you see a shot opening up in-front of you, fire the shutter only to see later that this mind blowing image was blurred or missed completely!

Well, I decided I would pass the Xpro1 on and look to the XT1 and I was very pleased however I missed the retro look of the Xpro1 so I eagerly waited the Xpro2 as I mentioned, I have owned this camera for about a week now.

So today I took this little beast out around the lane’s with my 18mm f2 lens, I did some shots in manual mode however I just wanted to focus on speed rather than stunning images (little disclaimer here – Please don’t expect superbly, artistic images) this was just a test, focus and shoot, everything and anything.

I had the focus set to the (Single point) I’m a full time wedding photographer and this is how I shoot, I focus and recompose, yep, I’ve tried the moving of the focus points thing but and how the servo follows the focus point etc etc. it just doesn’t do it for me! I found that the focus joystick did tend to get moved by me when carrying the camera but thankfully this can be locked, which was perfect for me.

Well, I was blown away, I had the f-stop set at f8 so I know it had a good depth of field however I had been previously shooting with my XT1 so I automatically felt the difference in speed, it was super fast and I mean very fast indeed.

As I strolled down the lane, one of these keep fit persons came jogging down the road, It gave me enough time to change the focus to (ZONE) and switch to the C setting.

I didn’t want to shoot away facing her or (she may have wondered what this strange chap was doing) so I waited for her to pass, the little lights flashed away in the lens and I fired off a couple of shots, It nailed them, I didn’t the camera set to drive mode so I captured her one shot at a time, the focus nailed it, I was very impressed.

Ok, I thought lets really test this moma, so I headed off down the road and stood on the side of the bypass, Ive done this type of test before and its quite amusing how the drivers of the passing traffic, start to slow down thinking I’m some sad chap, capturing speeding cars! This was not what I wanted but thankfully a few of the vehicles carried on regardless, this time I set the drive mode and just fired off several shots, I did get a tad excited with this and the buffer did have a few issues (26 Frames) but to be honest its never really something I would use at a wedding, maybe the confetti shot but 3 or 4 exposures would be ample. Anyway, I digress, it nailed them, incredible, lovely and sharp, no problem.

I did fully charge the battery before taking this camera out with me today however the battery died on me after about 200 exposures but again this isn’t a problem for me as I always ensure I have several with me on a wedding.

I have added a few more images below for you to take a look at, just to see the quality, as I mentioned please don’t contact me and tell me the pictures are naff, I am quite good really, this was just my afternoon test using the Xpro2 and so far I’m hooked, tonight were going for a stroll along the Kennett and Avon Canal for a drink at the end and I shall be taking the xpro2 with me and trying the 56mm lens and see how this performs, so please keep scrolling down to view these images taken with the xpro2.

Ok Ladies and Gents, the images below were all taken with multi metering and I also set the ES shutter due to the fact that we had sunshine and I wanted to use f2.8 and lower, it performed fantastically, I didn’t notice any morphing of the images due to the rolling shutter, just a note, when I took some images later in home, under lighting, you can see the effect of the rolling shutter as it catches the flicker of the lights! These were all Jpegs, I have added a little contrast and colour but i’m quite impressed.

Images taken with the Fuji Xpro2


I think that Fuji have done a pretty good job with the Fuji Xpro2, it has its quirks just like any other camera but if Fuji keep producing cameras like this one, the future is looking great for mirrorless cameras. I understand that this review may not be up to the standard that you might expect as a review about the Xpro2, these are my personal thoughts, I’m not a writer, I’m a Photographer and love photography however I do hope that you may find it helpful!  

Michael Gane – thefxworks