Fujifilm Xt10 Travels

August 1, 2016

Fujifilm Xt10 Travels

Fujifilm Xt10 Travels

Don’t you just love it when you receive a new camera? I must admit I’m a bit of a camera addict and especially when it comes down to the fuji range, I bought my first Fuji (x100) about 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since.

Like many Fuji fans, I was a Canon DSLR photographer, however once I tried that little Fuji x100 my Canon gear gradually lost its place in my life, yep, we parted company.

So what was all the excitement about?, well….I had the Fuji Xt10 delivered; as soon as I got this little beauty out of his box, it felt great in my hands, partly due to the FujiFilm X-T10 using a magnesium alloy shell, this lends the camera a more expensive and robust feel, its not weather sealed but Ive never had an issue with a camera not being weather sealed, and Ive been a professional photographer for many years, shooting events, wedding’s, fashion shows and lots of corporate shoots not just in Somerset, Bath but all over Europe too.

The Fujifilm Xt10 feels a lot like the XTs, its quite small but feels great in the hands, manual dials aren’t quite there yet but pretty good.

Anyway you can read all the technical jargon on the web, you know me, its how the camera performs, will it help me to capture real life, unobtrusively, and what are the finished images like?

So, where was I going to take this little beauty for a test run, well, it just so happens, that this weekend Bradford on Avon near Bath were holding a Floating Market on the Kennett and Avon canal and Civil War Re-Enactment in the town, perfect.

Just to give you an idea of location, BOA is an unspoiled market town and one of the last outpost of the Cotswolds in the western corner of Wiltshire, its about 8 miles from the wonderful city of Bath. Well worth a visit.

So armed with my little new friend, it was time to test out this Fuji, its fast, produces wonderful images, reads the light really well, it felt fantastic, really responsive.

It was quite amusing on the day, everybody and their aunt had these huge DSLRs with massive lenses and there was little old me using this little camera, however I’m pretty confident that the images I captured would be as good if not better with this Fuji Xt10.

As always, Im going to let the images speek for themselves, these are SOC, I used some of my favourite film effects such as Chrome, Monochrome and Vivid and a touch of editing in Lightroom.