fujifilm-x-t10 manual Photography

July 3, 2017

fujifilm-x-t10 manual Photography

I must admit, I’ve never really been a fan of Facebook however we all know the benefits of social media. As a photographer, it is a great way to get my images out there and receive comments. I do use a number of other sites to display my Wedding photos, landscape etc.
The other thing with facebook is you also get notifications of some of the latest innovations in the world. Just the other day, I read about a new app that is being designed for photography, the guy in the video, explains how this new app will aid all photographers, amiture and professional photographers to get that perfect exposure!! Yes what this little thing does is set the camera for the photographer! Apparently it looks at the scene, checks a database of images and matches the exposure! What this guy fails to say, is this is what cameras have been doing for years when being used in full auto mode however that’s not the reason behind this small article, although fascinating what is happening in the world of photography, the…’I don’t even need to think anymore, and I’m a pro!” I must admit I do kind of like the thought that I’m not starting in the Photography business in this age, because unfortunately it does seem that the skill is being taken over by, “let’s let the camera do everything!” 

Well, this aint gona happen to me folks,  I love the art of photography, yes, it’s an art, I still believe you could have the most expensive, automated camera ever invented but it still won’t have passion, artistic eye, be able to get the composition right, decide what’s important in the image and have any emotional connection with the scene.
I have had the little Fuji fujifilm-x-t10 for some time now and although I’m using Olympus more these days, I still like to take this little camera out with me.
I’ve recently started getting hold of vintage lenses, their very cheep and yes some of the quality to be expected is below what were are used too but it’s such fun to go completely manual, manual ISO, Shutter Speed and F-stop. 

It gets your brain in gear again, gets the goggs turning, makes you think as a photographer.
This weekend I took my fujifilm-x-t10 out with an old f.28 – 135mm Vivitar lens attached, all the images were taken full manual, I did have my small monopod with me to help steady the shot as there is no magical gyroscopes in this baby! 
It was great fun, helped me to take my time, engage with the world around me, focus on what is important with the art of photography.
A few of the images are added to this article, I know their not mind blowingly brilliant but my point to me diarising this blog, is to say, continue to get to grips with your photography, don’t become automated, we still need Photographers out there that can take a photo 🙂 

Enjoy your photography – Michael Gane – thefxworks