Fuji and Capture One 

I've been a Lightroom guy for several years, I must admit I loved the simplicity of the program, I enjoyed using the program for my Wedding photography but to be honest it was 'the one to go to program' for all my photography editing.

I initially got into using this program because, I'm sure like the majority of Photographers, Adobe is the name on everybody's lips! I chose this program because I used Adobe Illustrator and a few of the other Adobe programs, so it seemed the most obvious path to take, and of course because Adobe has made it super easy to rent the software, receiving all the updates, pretty convenient.

Well, the program was pretty good for using with my canon Raw files, I must admit though, I was never really happy with the look of the RAW files on first import, I did write a small article recently with regards to my editing experience using Lightroom and the Fuji range of cameras however just in-case you don't feel like looking at my other article, I’ll just mention a couple of reasons for being a tad frustrated with Lightroom and the editing of the Fuji RAW files.

Firstly, we all know and love the WYSIWYG with the Fuji mirrorless cameras, I do tend to use manual for the majority of exposures however being able to view the image before firing the shutter is pure genius... just to digress for a second, I recently went to the pretty seaside town of Lyme Regis, beautiful day, wonderful skies and to see the view through the lens, exactly as I saw the scene, does it for me every time. Ive just added the image here, this has obviously been edited!

(Ok back to the unedited images now...) Well, this was really starting to frustrate me, I'd import the images into Lightroom (I know we can set import settings to make changes to the RAW file on import) I felt the images looked flat, really disappointing for me, we want to get that buzz when we see our images and even though we can edit the RAW file we still want to see what we imagined!

So I started doing some research and after trying a few editing program’s (many offer free trials) I tried Capture One Phase One 9.2, the first thing I immediately noticed was how my images looked pretty darn good immediately, in-fact to be completely honest, if I wasn't such a perfectionist, 95% of the photos could have been exported straight out!

I really think all you photographers out there using Lightroom should just give it a try, It does take a little getting use to, however after a full day of using Capture One, I had a lot of this program sussed.

Please do take a look at my other article with regards to Capture One, (Ive added a link at the end of this blog) so what I have done here with the gallery of images from a wedding I photographed in Bath a couple of weeks ago, I've exported the RAW files, as they were when they first opened up in Capture One, nothing added, no effects and I personally think Capture One has done a pretty good job with the Fuji RAW files, this is a first for me, to upload without tweaking the image, but I wanted you to see what this program produces straight out the box as it were!

Just a point, you will find that the noise setting is set to 50% and sharpening is about 144 as default however I tend to pump up the sharpening to about 250 and leave the noise at 50% but as I say these wedding photos are straight out of Capture One as Capture One processed them.

“Photography is a Journey, take it with Fuji”

Michael Gane - thefxworks