Fuji 56mm Lens Review

January 4, 2016

Fuji 56mm Lens Review

Fuji 56mm lens review.

Every photographer has their favorite camera kit, this could be anything from their favorite camera down to their best camera kit bag, the list is endless, because we all have our way of photographing scene’s, landscapes, portraiture or wedding’s.

I have been asked on many occasions by photographer’s about my choice of equipment that I take along to a wedding and why, well everyone knows I’m a complete Fuji nut now, I made the switch to Fuji about 5 years ago and from day one, I was completely hooked, the cameras are absolutely fantastic, the quality just to name one aspect, however I was recently asked, “if I had to choose one piece of kit to add to my (Desert island disk) bag for a wedding shoot, what would this be?”

There was absolutely no hesitation, it would have to be my Fuji 56mm 1.4 lens and I’m going to put into layman’s terms why I choose this fabulous lens to add to my top 10 list.

Now I need to explain that this review isn’t going to be filled with technology and techy speak about the HT-EBC coating etc. It’s purely going to be about my experience and image’s with regards to using this stunning, light, fast and incredibly sharp portrait lens.

The finer technical details can be found on line, I have added some of the techy stuff below for you at the end of my chat if you feel the need and understand that sort of speak, me personally, I’m a “hands on” kind of guy! It’s the results I want, not how many blades, elements etc. I want to see my image’s looking stunning, as I envisioned.

Before I became a Fuji wedding photographer, I was a Canon 5d mk 111 fan and my choice of lens was the Canon 85mm, fantastic for portraiture, this lens was on my camera 85% of the time at wedding’s, so when I moved over to Fuji, I wanted a similar Lens, for quite some time I used a 50mm lens for close up shots of the Bride however as you know, one must be careful with the aspect ratio when using a 50mm lens as there can be a slight distortion especially with facial feature’s. So when Fuji released the 56mm lens, I was straight on Amazon to get hold of this superb lens.

The first professional shoot I did with the lens, was a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bath, with an aperture of f5.6 the image’s were absolutely mind blowing, the quality was incredible, such a fantastic, light, well balanced lens, when attached to my Fuji XT1, at f1.4, the bokeh was out of this world, yes I’m sure Canon guy’s will have their say but, for me the quality of the photo’s were as good, if not better than my Canon 85mm, taking a portraiture at f1.4 (giving yourself a good focal length) provided stunning image’s, I was thrilled with the result’s, focus is terrific and fast and the color, contrast is superior.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this short review, its not techy, its my experience using this lens, this lens is attached permanently to my XT1, its my all round lens when photographing wedding’s or portraits, I love it and so if you’re thinking about updating or wanting a fabulous portrait lens, look no further and press the buy it now button!

As promised, here’s some of the technical information.

The Fuji 56mm f1.2 R XF Fujion Lens is a fast prime lens with a durable, metal construction and bright f1.2 aperture. The lens fits all of Fuji’s X-series compact system cameras and delivers beautiful bokeh and fast, quiet autofocusing making it particularly suitable for high quality portraits. The lens’ new optical design with Fuji’s HT-EBC coating ensures the best possible image resolution with minimal ghosting and flare, while the seven-blade rounded diaphragm produces sharp images with a smooth, natural blurred background effect. The Fuji 56mm f1.2 R XF lens is ideal for capturing a variety of topics, including portraiture, travel, and low light photography.

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