fuji xt2 wedding

Fuji X-T2 Wedding  

Ok ladies and Gents, we all know I love the Fuji camera range, yep some may feel I’m a tad nutty when it comes to my all singing all dancing praise for this fabulous mirrorless range, also some may think I get paid by Fuji but alas, no, would be nice, but hey! I make my money as a Wedding Photographer based in Somerset in the UK. and yes it's a profession I’m very proud of and love.

I've done the big corporate events over the years and worked on some pretty impressive projects too, Disney is one such company if you want name drops!! its the Wedding industry full time for me now, sorry but corporate wanted me 24/7 and I also want a life, and I'm lovin my profession as never before.

Orchardleigh Italian garden

So what’s my favourite Fuji camera, well at the moment it's the Fuji Xpro2, I love this camera, it's perfect for my style of reportage wedding photography, I can take those reportage moment's, without impacting on the wedding.

Italian garden Orchardleigh

I do love receiving that very latest camera though and even though I told myself, ‘No more camera’s, I have everything i need’ needs are not always in line with wants, so I found myself getting hold of the new, beautiful XT2.

I did own and XT1 previously however I still preferred the look and feel of the Xpro1, so of course when the Xpro2 arrived on the scene, well, I just had to get it, didn't I?

Flowers at Orchardeligh

Ok, so what's the speck with this new beauty, ill add a few points here for those who like the tekkie stuff but you know me, It's what this camera can produce for me that does it, so after you've read some of the boring technical information, browse and check out some of the images that I recently took at an incredible wedding just last weekend.

Orchardleigh Italian Gardens

Technical stuff:

The Fuji XT-2 has a cable release socket and dual card slots, precise, fast, quiet, easy-to-use and extremely well made with its all metal body, weather sealing too.

Its really easy to get to settings, beautiful menu, easy to setup, everything works and feels as it should, it's what we expect from the Fuji team.

 I was absolutely amazed with the focus, Oh my goodness the X-T2 focuses super fast, and it sure is super sharp, it nailed the focus every time, even at my favourite aperture setting of f1.2. I must say, the new focusing system is incredible. whatever this new technology is and how they (at Fuji) have changed this, there are those with the technical knowhow that can explain this but it's phenomenal.

I've never been a machine gun photographer, you know, just hit the button and fire off hundreds of exposures, this is why these cameras work perfectly for my style, think, look and then get the shot!

The Fuji X-T2 feels great in the hands, it's a real camera, metal body, a real photographer’s camera.

Sorry Ladies and Gents, that's it for the technical speak, now check out the images.

I highly recommend the Fuji X-T2 another fantastic mirrorless camera; 'Photography is a journey, take it with Fuji' Michael Gane - thefxworks