Flash Meter

October 12, 2015

Flash Meter

Flash Meter

We all know that the cameras today are so advanced the metering systems are pretty clever and as we have discussed so far, we know that they can judge the exposure and can help you to capture a fairly good photograph.

Have you ever thought of using an exposure meter, yes I know these can be invaluable for setting your flash exposure in studio but you should try using one of these fabulous little gadgets for taking your portrait or wedding photos in the open air, yes thats right you can use these little beauties outside too!

Its great for teaching you the settings on your camera, after a while you will find yourself judging the exposure first and then just checking this with the meter, I personally use the Sekonic L-308s model, its in-expensive and provides you with that extra confidence.

I have suggested this little tip because of the valuable lessons it can teach you; I was taught old school photography and although technology has become incredible, I really feel that every photographer should understand the basics, because when shooting professionally, maybe as the official wedding photographer or taking a family portrait shoot, there are thousands of scenarios that can become apparent and understanding the basics will save you.

This lovely photograph of the Bride was taken using a flash meter, the image doesn’t really show the complexity of the shot however I wanted to add just a touch of flash, I thought I would get out the meter and just confirm my settings to ensure I held the detail in the background and didn’t lose any detail in the Brides beautiful wedding gown!

Just think about it this way; anything that will help your role as a photographer cant be a bad thing.

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