Family Portraits Bath

November 14, 2016

Family Portraits Bath

Family Portraits Bath

I have now owned the Fuji 50-140mm f2.8 lens for about a week now, I’ve done several ‘what I call’ tests with this lens, you can check one of my first tests (HERE) but as promised I said I would add a few more images after a Family Photo Shoot using this lens.

Just to explain how I photograph these shoots and very similar style to a wedding photography shoot, I’m not one of those photographers that setup lighting, diffusers or props,  impressive as these images are, it’s not the way I work, I’m very much a reportage photography kind of guy. Yes I will make a few adjustments before taking an image if the look isn’t quite correct aesthetically but on the whole, I like to shoot natural image’s! It was the little chaps birthday and so it was lovely that Mum & Dad brought some balloons to release, I have written a small article with regards to my thoughts on how to get the best from a wedding Pre-shoot or Family portrait shoot (HERE) if you fancy a read!

This Family photo shoot was taken around the grounds of the wonderful Stourhead National Trust property, a lovely autumnal day,  I have the pleasure of photographing this couple’s wedding next year and this gave me an opportunity to take a few shots of this lovely family but also provided Fungai and Simon a view into how I work, very relaxed and natural.

Fuji Camera Setup

I decided to go fully manual today, I wanted to get the exposure perfect, the ISO 640 1/160 aperture f5.6, I wanted to ensure I was going to shoot at f5.6 so after setting the appropriate aperture, I then set the ISO etc to ensure I had a fast enough speed.

This time I kept the lens hood attached, the focus set to AF three sizes down from default, I wanted to ensure the lens didn’t miss focus as there is a little of background foliage which could could be distracting for the camera.

Whilst I remember and maybe someone with more technical knowledge can explain, I did notice that the image stabilisation didn’t seem to help when the camera was set to zone, continuous focus, I should imagine this was due to the focus constantly making adjustments!

To be honest I really didn’t feel the lens was too heavy, I remember after an hour of using the canon 70-200 lens, I’d begin to feel tired but honestly this wasn’t an issue with the Fuji one on my Fuji Xpro2.

Focusing was very fast, no issues whatsoever, the lighting was favorable though and f5.6 is a tad easier on any lens. I found the zone system was a breeze with this lens apart from what is possibly obvious, stabilisation won’t cut in on the continuous AF!

I found I took a lot more images than I would normally on a family shoot however I wanted to ensure, 1) I took the lens through a decent test and 2) to ensure I was nailing the focus.

I have added quite a few photos from the family shoot below  to hopefully provide you with an idea of what this lens can produce.

Hope you enjoyed reading this small article, please do add a ‘like’ – remember “photography is a journey, take it with Fuji’ – Michael Gane – thefxworks